As more and more male enhancement supplements start hitting the market, it’s surprising that it’s still difficult to find something that really works. And that’s what makes Zytenz stand out so much.

It’s seem like no matter what hits the market these days (prescription or over-the-counter), they don’t really match what we’re seeing from Zytenz and what customers have actually said about using Zytenz to improve their sexual health.

For more intense orgasms, a considerable increase in size and sexual appetite and stronger, longer erections, it almost seems impossible to look for all these things in one supplement.

Nevertheless, the makers of Zytenz promise this all-natural male enhancement will give you what other pills can’t, better sexual experiences for both you and your partner.

But can it really? I wanted to make sure that Zytenz was really the best male enhancement supplement before I decided to spend $39.95 on a bottle of my own.

With a critical look at the ingredients in Zytenz, as well as a careful compilation of reviews from users who have tried Zytenz before to see if Zytenz can promote growth and sexual vitality, what I found out was surprising and probably what every man suffering from some sort of sexual dysfunction would like to find out. Keep reading to find out if Zytenz really works.

Zytenz facts

How Does Zytenz Work?

Zytenz is made completely with naturally-derived ingredients that have been used in both Ayurvedic medicine as well as innovative ingredients that are the result of recent medical research.

With the ingredients in Zytenz, this formula is able to increase blood flow to your penis by relaxing the walls of blood vessels and allowing for more flow and volume. This not only has the potential to increase your performance, helping you get hard erections when you need them most, but also helps enhance your length and girth as well so you both get the pleasure you’re looking for.

Zytenz includes key ingredients both proven over time and in multiple clinical studies. You can take a look at the ingredients on the image on the right and see ingredients like Tribulus Terrestris, Testofen, Maca Peruvian and Eurycoma Longfolia to boost your testosterone so you really see lasting results.

With a formula as steeped in research as Zytenz, it’s no surprise that this supplement has been recognized as the Best Male Enhancement Supplement by both critics and users alike.

Are There Any Zytenz Side Effects?

While most of the consumer reviews didn’t mention any side effects whatsoever, some said that they felt a slight upset stomach after taking Zytenz.

If this happens to you, you can get rid of the stomach pains by taking your dose of Zytenz with plenty of water, or even spreading out your dose throughout the day. Sometimes taking three capsules at once can overwhelm your system, but by taking one capsule three times a day you can spread out the impact.

However, Zytenz does contain ingredients derived from shellfish. So if you have severe allergies to shellfish, you should definitely talk to your doctor before using Zytenz.

How Much Does Zytenz Cost?

The least expensive place to buy Zytenz is from eBay at just $36.95 per bottle. However, you won’t be able to have the security of a money back guarantee, like the one you get from Zytenz’s official site: Zytenz.com.

Also, when you buy directly from the manufacturers, you will be able to receive discounts for buying in bulk. For example, when you buy three bottles of Zytenz for $109.95, you get one bottle free and free shipping, meaning that you could get each bottle for roughly $27.50.

How Soon Will I See Results?

From Zytenz user reviews, the best assumption to make about speed of results is that it depends where you are coming from.

Because of the wide variety of benefits that you can get from Zytenz, some users have bought Zytenz purely to get rid of erectile dysfunction, while others are looking for an increase in size, and others still simply want more control of your orgasms.

For an increase in size, it seems like you will have to wait at least a couple of weeks to see considerable growth, but other benefits like increased circulation and more intense orgasms can be seen on the first few days that you take Zytenz.

If you have tried Zytenz before, please leave me a comment and let me know how it worked for you! If you are interested in trying Zytenz, you can find more information at Zytenz.com.


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  1. by Devin

    I really needed something like this because I couldn’t risk my health. I tried this and the first day didn’t really notice anything but by about the 3rd or 4th day, this was working. Zytenz is good for size, stamina, length, better orgasms, and overcoming any problems with erections.

  2. by George

    works best when you take daily. I think really helped me to be in the mood more and get it up easier. I wanted something that helped right before but this was better because I don’t have to worry about waiting for something kick in. I’m just ready almost always now.

  3. by JDWilts

    I thought Zytenz would be a little more that it was, but maybe that was just me. Returned my bottle and got my refund which was easy. So makes it worth trying anyway.

  4. by Harold Greeen

    Does anyone know how long it really takes to work? I want to try but I need help asap!

  5. by Sam W.

    I started just using it before sex, and really helped. Decided to take it daily, and really noticed a difference. I stopped taking it about 4 and a half months ago and still going strong guys!

  6. by Carol M.

    My husband didn’t know I got this for him so when I said he should try it, he wasn’t sure and wanted me to return it. I said just try it and if doesn’t work, I will because of the guarantee he agreed. We both couldn’t believe it. In our 50s we never thought this spark would be there again but it’s back and I can say that without a doubt.

  7. by admin

    Hi Mark. Zytenz doesn’t have testosterone in it, but some of its ingredients do promote natural testosterone production. Therefore, testosterone levels are higher for most users when they take it. Talk to your doctor before you begin using Zytenz.

  8. by ed

    was great

  9. by Adam

    If I start taking and then stop will my penis go back to normal?
    Or will it shrink even smaller?

  10. by Andrew Denison

    Adam, for best results, take Zytenz regularly. As for its effect on size, that depends entirely on the individual because everyone responds differently. It’s best to consult a doctor before using Zytenz, just in case.

  11. by Andrew

    Does this really make your penis larger?

  12. by Andrew Denison

    Andrew, everyone responds differently to Zytenz, but it has been known to positively affect erections. It promotes blood flow to the penis which increases firmness, and may improve erection size over time.

  13. by Ketema

    This product work for any age? You need to take everyday to see the result?How about if you stop after month or couple months?
    I need the answer please.

  14. by Bob

    I just ordered my third bottle. I do concur, if taken as directed, a very noticeable improvement will follow. I make this boast after just turning 85 several days ago. Had I not been an old bastard I sincerely feel certain I could easily have taken the place of your male model shown in your marketing brochure ad. Your product has done all it states it will, though in my case, it just took a little longer.

  15. by marty

    have never heard of zytenz before, am 44 and having prostate issues that started 6 months ago. have managed that issue with supplements well. only issue I have is maintaining an erection past 10 minutes of sex. Does this sound like something Zytenz can help with?

  16. by Andrew Denison

    Marty, Zytenz may be able to help -but it sounds like you’ll want to ask your doctor before using it, just in case.

  17. by Andrew Denison

    Ketema, this product has worked well for many men of varying ages – one 85 year old user in one of our recent comments notes his success. It’s best to take Zytenz every day to experience maximum results, and the longer you take it, the better the results the results are. You do not HAVE to take it every day, but it does work better. You’ll want to continue usage for continued results.

  18. by Bert

    does it work if you have type 2 diabetes?

  19. by Andrew Denison

    Bert, it’s hard to anticipate how Zytenz will affect those with diabetes. Ask your doctor before using it.

  20. by jose

    how many inches do u gain

  21. by Andrew Denison

    jose, results vary between individuals.

  22. by eric

    How often do you take zytenz?

  23. by Andrew Denison

    Eric, it’s best to take Zytenz every day for maximum results.

  24. by marty

    Does this help with keeping an erection after an orgasm? I have a problem with cuming too quickly….

  25. by slategrayfirecharge

    Marty, everyone responds differently. It may help give you greater control, but it’s hard to anticipate.

  26. by below ave

    purchased the enhance RX extender and the 6 month pills.

    would i get better results with this pill& the extender?
    Has anyone used these two together?

  27. by busyb

    if you take it daily each day how many do you take. i just got my first bottle.

  28. by Koty

    I just got 4 bottles of this stuff. And I have too say, wow!

  29. by Keith

    Can you take zytenz if you are in the pre stages of diabetes?

  30. by slategrayfirecharge

    Keith, due to your current condition it’s best you ask a doctor before taking Zytenz.

  31. by Thomas

    I have high blood pressure well this raise my pressure up?? It’s seems all natural ?? and can I take every day

  32. by slategrayfirecharge

    Thomas, a lot of the ingredients lower blood pressure – but just in case, it’s best to talk with your doctor. Best results come from taking it regularly.

  33. by Manny

    if I stop taking the pills will I lose my results

  34. by slategrayfirecharge

    Manny, you shouldn’t lose your results, but best results come from consistent use.

  35. by Irvin

    I’m 18 years old. Do you think it is safe for me to use ?

    Most people say pills have really bad side effects. So i was wondering if this pill have any side effects ?

  36. by slategrayfirecharge

    Irvin, you are old enough to use Zytenz and Zytenz is safe to use regularly. However, if you’re concerned about potential side effects, then you should talk with your doctor.

  37. by John

    Can this have any side effects at all in having kids in the future?

  38. by Manuel

    I am in my early 50’s do I need to ask my doctor before ordering zytenz?

  39. by michael

    On second. Bottle first. One. Didn’t. Do. Anything. For. Me

  40. by Anthony

    Rip off

  41. by Jerry

    I bought 3 bottles …how many pills should I took per day pls help

  42. by Dan

    How many pull should I take per day

  43. by Michael Peterson

    The bottle suggests you take 3 every day with dinner or up to 6 pills 30 min before working out.

  44. by Michael Peterson

    You should take 3 pills a day with dinner or up to 6 pills 30 min before you exercise.

  45. by Michael Peterson

    Yes you should consult your doctor before ordering Zytenz to make sure it is right for you.

  46. by Michael Peterson

    There are no reported side effects of this product affecting having kids in the future.

  47. by Jose

    I am 21 years of age, is there a problem at my age to use this product?

  48. by Dom

    Does it increase size?

  49. by Michael Peterson

    This depends entirely on the individual because everyone respionds differently. Zytenz has been known to positively affect blood flow to the penis which in turn may improve firmness and size.

  50. by Michael Peterson

    It is safe to take zytenz at your age, if you are concerned though you should talk to your doctor about what options are best for you.

  51. by Noel

    For best results, do i take it daily or a specific time before sex? If daily how many pills. I am not sexually active but do it once a month or so. Please help me, i just need a longer erection!…Thanks

  52. by Gosse

    Is there any side effects if I use both Zytenz and testosterone booster supplement pill together ? Appreciate for ur help.

  53. by Michael Peterson

    There are no side effects when taking male enhancements and testosterone boosters at the same time.

  54. by Michael Peterson

    Take 3 capsules with dinner or take up to 6 capsules 30 minutes before physical activity.

  55. by mnvols

    I’m reading you’re supposed to take this stuff every day; but won’t your body slowly develop a tolerance to it and gradually stop working As with any medication, supplement, or pre/post workout supplement, you have to cycle it every 6 to 8 weeks to get maximum results. How is this stuff any different? I’m guessing after 3,4, or 5 months it can’t be as effective as the first 30 to 45 days, so do you take more or cycle off of it for 3 months and take something else? I’ve been taking Sheer Strength for about 5 months and my body has finally caught up to it. So I’m very interested in this product to see if it works.

  56. by o a thomas

    Take as prescribed and believe me it will work and I am 70 years old.

  57. by Mark

    Once you stop taking these pills will you just go back to your normal size or will it stay the size it made?

  58. by Michael Peterson

    For best results you should take Zytenz regularly.

  59. by Andrew A. Sailer

    Appreciate the recommendation. Will try it out.|

  60. by REGGIE


  61. by brandon

    Does it have any effect on the kidneys??????… I only have one

  62. by Michael Peterson

    There have been no reported side effects of Zytenz injuring a consumer’s kidneys, but you should consult with your doctor before use, they will know what actions you should take.

  63. by Michael Peterson

    We just review the product and do not actually sell it. Please contact Zytenz customer service to ask for a free sample.

  64. by markinson

    Will one bottel increase my size ?

  65. by Mike

    Does it really work?

  66. by meli

    My husband is interested in trying something to increase his size. I am perfectly content with the way he is built. But he wants to try either way. I’m just worried it will affect having more kids. He is 26. Please if I can get an answer

  67. by Michael Peterson

    There have been no reported side effects or cases where this product has effected having kids in the future.

  68. by Michael Peterson

    Many people have commented on how well it works for them and people have seen great results from using Zytenz. To see if it works for you you will need to try it out. If you do please let us know how your experience with it goes.

  69. by Michael Peterson

    Research has shown that for the average male Zytenz can help increase size. If you follow the directions on the bottle then it should help.

  70. by Antonio

    If you take these pills, are you not allowed to have sex while taking the pills or do you have to wait like a month or 2 after starting to take them

  71. by Juan Lopez

    How old do you have to be to take this product ?

  72. by Michael Peterson

    It is recommended that only adults age 18 and older take this product.

  73. by Michael Peterson

    You can have sex while taking these pills. The bottle suggests you take 3 capsules with dinner or take up to 6 capsules 30 minutes before physical activity.

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