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Xtend-Life is a healthy living and anti-aging supplement company that does business by the motto, “Love life. Live longer.”

Xtend-Life produces a variety of supplements and skincare products claimed to address a variety of health and aging issues. The company promises customers do not have to compromise price or quality with Xtend-Life products.

I’ve researched the origins of the company, products, price, and customer reviews, so you can decide if Xtend-Life is the company for you.

A Closer Look at the Company

The founder and Chairman, Warren Mathews, began Xtend-Life in his early 50’s when he realized he couldn’t find the right quality supplements needed to ensure a long life.

With the rest of his family, he developed the company and maintained ownership. He directs with the philosophy, “Always put the best interests of our customers before profits and never compromise on quality. Steady growth and reasonable profits automatically follow.”

In additional to the corporate office in Christchurch, New Zealand, Xtend-Life has Australian, USA, Canada, UK, and Thailand offices.

Xtend-Life asserts that its products are unique and extremely high-quality, with scientifically formulated and tested ingredients to deliver the best results. Each batch of supplements is tested for safety and quality.

Additionally, the company is registered with the USA’s FDA, and follows its requirements and audits. New Zealand also has a food safety system recognized by the FDA’s standards.

What Products Does it Offer?

Here is information about 4 of Xtend-Life’s most popular products:

Foaming Facial Cleanser $23.75. This cleanser is available in the men’s and women’s skincare lines. It contains kiwi and honey which have antioxidant properties that protect skin. Kiwifruit prevents and reverses free radical damage caused by UV rays and other radiation. [1]

Total Balance Range $30.50-$51.50. Total Balance Range is a multivitamin available for men, women, and children, and comes in 7 different types suited to specific needs.

Total Balance includes a long list of beneficial ingredients, many of which are not commonly found in multivitamins. Many vitamins and minerals meet or exceed daily requirements.

Examples of some beneficial and unique ingredients in these multivitamins are: green tea extract, alpha lipoic acid, amino acids, and enzymes. Both green tea and alpha lipoic acid have been shown to reduce and maintain weight, aid in cognitive health and treatment, provide energy, and treat and prevent aging skin and oxidative damage. [2] [3]

Male Rejuvenator $31.75. In addition to being a libido supplement, one of Male Rejuvenator’s active ingredients is quercetin, an antioxidant know to eradicate prostate cancer. [4]

Female Rejuvenator $29.95. Female Rejuvenator is specifically formulated to treat menstruation symptoms. Its main ingredient, tribulus extract, also raises testosterone levels and is supposed to increase libido. [5]

Kiwi-Klenz $35.50. Kiwi-Klenz is comprised of Digesten-K, a patented kiwifruit triple extract, and kiwifruit powder. Studies show kiwifruit has significant ability to improve digestion and is a powerful laxative. [6] Kiwifruit also contains antioxidants that protect cells from free radical damage. [1]

How to Save Money: Price, Savings, & Returns

Xtend-Life has over 30 supplement and skincare products. Prices range from $17.95-$56.25.

Xtend-Life sells its products directly on its website, Xtend-Life.com. It also sells products on Amazon.com for about the same prices.

Xtend-Life offers free shipping on any order over $60, 10% off orders over $300, and 10% off on any order if you are part of its Xtend-Life Loyalty Program.

Xtend-Life guarantees hassle-free refunds if any customer is not satisfied with a product. Customers have 1 year to return a product for their full money back, excluding $6.50 towards shipping costs.


Amazon.com features mixed reviews for Xtend-Life products.

“I bought [Male Rejuvenate} with great expectation of a rejuvenated love life and male stamina but it never got there. I didn’t notice any changes in energy or in anything else if you get my drift. It may work for you but it didn’t for me. Best of luck to you.” – Double D, Amazon.com

“I chose [Kiwi-Klenz] after reading the value of the kiwi skin which I normally discard. The kiwi skin was said to contain a lot of nurients that if eaten, are great for your digestion. I also read that the kiwi fruit sold in stores if not organically grown would do more harm than good because of the pesticides used. I realized that I will never get the best of kiwi no matter how many I consume and because kiwi klenz claimed that the growth process is organice and the processing carefully monitored, I decided to give it a try. I had tried a lot of probiotics and enzymes and was never satisfied. I had to rest after a meal with my stomach feeling like I had overeaten. I had high blood pressure come out of nowhere and although it may be unrelated to my digestion, I felt like my whole system was struggling to digest any piece of food that I ate. I took one capsule of kiwi and for the first time I forgot about my stomach after 4 hours following a meal. I had never experienced this in a long time and continued for two days to take kiwi klenz and I have never felt so good in two years. I would recommend this product to anyone because what I felt was life changing, I take two kiwi-klenz capsules a day and I can say I feel so much better.” – Margaret Mathai, Amazon.com

“[Because of Women’s Eye Contour Serium …] after about a month, I noticed that my puffy eyes had improved. It’s hard to say by how much, but I did notice an improvement. My puffy eyes have not completely gone away, which is why I gave it 3 stars instead of 5, but I am hoping that it will just take time.” – Mathmaiden, Amazon.com

How to Contact Customer Service

Xtend-Life promises to reply to emails and phone calls within 1 business day.

Xtend-Life can be reached by:

Email: customer.service@xtend-life.com

Phone: 1-888-487-9304

Buy or Deny?

Xtend-Life’s many claims to customer service, customer satisfaction, and quality are impressive. Many customers are happy with the product results. Prices are reasonable, and many are much less costly than competitor products. Products are made with ingredients that research says provides results.

Based on all the criteria above, I’d say this company is trustworthy, and the products are worth trying.


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  1. by anthony genth

    These people at xtend life are crooks. I tried to cancel an order that I had made hours before and they lied to me and processed the order anyway. There is NO “SATISFACTION GUARANTEED” AT XTEND LIFE JUST TRICKS!! I am 68 and retired and i cannot afford to lose $135 which is what they cheated me out of!!!

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