Xtend-Life Eye Contour Serum

xtend life eye contour serum

Xtend-Life Eye Contour Serum comes with claims to “de-age” the appearance of eyes.

Among its proclaimed properties are the ability to hydrate the eye area, decrease dark circles and puffiness, and reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

If you’re looking to improve the appearance of your eyes, should Xtend-Life Eye Contour Serum be your first choice?

Who Should Use Xtend-Life Eye Contour Serum?

Manufacturers claim Eye Contour Serum is specifically formulated to reduce the appearance of aging, so young users probably won’t benefit as much as older users.

While the website says it is “for women,” there’s nothing in it to suggest it can’t be used by men as well.

What’s In Xtend-Life Eye Contour Serum?

Xtend-Life Eye Contour Serum contains the following ingredients:

Eyeliss. According to Xtend-Life manufacturers, Eyeliss is a peptide that reduces bags and puffiness under the eyes. It’s used in many other eye serums, so there must be some merit to its popularity. However, I could not locate any studies proving its reported effect on eyes.

Haloxyl. Haloxyl is a trademarked ingredient used in other eye serums. Again, I couldn’t locate studies proving it reduces dark circles and bags under the eyes.

Xtend-TK. This ingredient unique to Xtend-Life products is a form of keratin that supposedly stimulates regrowth of collagen, elastin, and new skin cells. But, there’s little scientific evidence to prove its effectiveness.

Coenzyme Q10. Coenzyme Q10 accelerates production of collagens and protects against stress-induced cell death to reduce wrinkles. [1]

Homeo Age. An active ingredient in Homeo Age, fucoidan from brown seaweed, prevents photo-aging. [2]

These ingredients show potential, but there’s nothing about them that shows Xtend-Life Eye Contour Serum stands above other eye serums.

What Do People Think about Xtend-Life Eye Contour Serum?

There aren’t enough customer reviews yet to allow me to make a judgment call on Xtend-Life Eye Contour Serum. Results fall somewhere in the middle so far: the five people who reviewed the eye serum on Amazon.com gave Xtend-Life Eye Contour Serum 4, 3, or 2 out of 5 stars.

Mathmaiden saw potential in the serum: “I developed persistent puffy eyes after breaking in a pair of hard contact lenses. I bought this serum in hopes that it would improve their appearance. This product contains two great ingredients (eyeliss and haloxyl). After about a month, I noticed that my puffy eyes had improved. It’s hard to say by how much, but I did notice an improvement. My puffy eyes have not completely gone away, which is why I gave it 3 stars instead of 5, but I am hoping that it will just take time. The serum is very gentle and contains safe ingredients for any skin type. I found that it is not as harsh as other eye serums/creams, which I like. It also absorbs well. The other nice thing about the serum is that it is not as expensive as other eye serums that contain the same ingredients.”

But, Mel didn’t see much of a result: “Serum is very light and unscented which I like. And the tube is lasting me a lot longer than I would have expected considering the small size. However, I don’t see a difference in my under-eye wrinkles. I have been using the product for over a month and a half and no change. Maybe it takes more time…”

If you’ve used Xtend-Life Eye Contour Serum, leave a comment and let us know your opinion.

Xtend-Life Eye Contour Serum Pricing

Xtend-Life Eye Contour Serum is $37 on Xtend-Life.com and Amazon.com. According to users like Mathmaiden, this is less than other eye serums with similar ingredients. But, it’s debatable whether the eye serum is effective enough to warrant a $37 purchase for a 15 ml bottle.

Xtend-Life Eye Contour Serum: The Bottom Line

Xtend-Life Eye Contour Serum has potential, but there’s nothing about it that makes it stand out above other eye serums. Check out our other facial cream reviews before making a final decision.

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