Vivexin face cream allegedly improves aging skin just as well as expensive surgeries do.

“What once was only available through a plastic surgeon’s office is now available to you,” reads the Vivexin website.

Plenty of face creams make this claim, but few can really deliver. Is Vivexin worth your time and money?

Vivexin: What’s on the Inside

The Vivexin website touts three key ingredients as the secret to Vivexin’s anti-aging success, along with other ingredients not revealed. Let’s take a peek to see if they make a difference:

Matrixyl. Matrixyl is a patented lipopeptide, or fatty acid mixed with amino acids. According to one wrinkle review site, Matrixyl increased collagen synthesis by 117% and reduced deep wrinkles by half in clinical studies. [1] However, without sources for these studies, it’s hard to know if these studies are trustworthy.

Haloxyl. Haloxyl is an ingredient developed by the same company that developed Matrixyl. It is a combination of skin-firming peptides and other ingredients, including chrysin, which reduces inflammation. [2]

One cosmetic site claims Haloxyl improved dark circles in more than 70% of people in a group of volunteers. Though I was unable to locate the source of the study, the facts that the study was on only 22 people and results were measured after 56 days is a bit discouraging. [3]

Eyeliss. Eyeliss is a patented peptide claimed to reduce puffiness and bags under the eyes. One company claims a clinical study of 20 volunteers showed 65% of the volunteers reduced bags under eyes after 28 days of using Eyeliss. [4] Again, I was unable to locate the source of this study.

Vivexin: What the Customers Say

Turning to customer reviews might give us an idea of Vivexin’s comparison to other skincare products. Unfortunately, there are only a handful of reviews so far on, but perhaps they can give us an idea of Vivexin’s success:

• “A silky smooth translucent gel. The scent is a little too strong, but still pleasant and floral. Left my skin feeling very smooth, and very moisturized at first, but didn’t last long enough. One pump gel goes a very long way, so I ended up smearing most of it on my face. Not intense enough for my dry, baggy under-eye skin. I used the rest of it up as a face lotion, which I really liked for face lotion, but not for over a dollar per pump.” (Moxynika)
• “I tried this on a whim because I was concerned about wrinkles around my brow and under my eye. I don’t usually order from “popup ads”, but this time I did with surprisingly good results. At 58, my eyes are looking good and I’m relieved to have found something that doesn’t break the bank and genuinely delivers results. The peptides, maybe?” (Texas librarian)
• “The product did make my skin soft but didn’t see much removal of lines and wrinkles. Maybe I have to use longer to work better.” (Nancy)

As you can see, Vivexin results are mixed. I assume results vary depending on the user.

Vivexin: How to Buy

You can purchase Vivexin at, where 1 bottle costs $59.95, 3 bottles cost $119.95, and 6 bottles cost $199.95. Each package comes with a shipping charge of $5.95.

Be aware of free trial offers. These are often linked to a monthly auto-ship program which charge you each month for a fresh supply of the product. sells Vivexin for $49.99.

Vivexin: Does It Live Up to Claims?

It’s doubtful Vivexin is strong enough to be a plastic surgery alternative; though, it has some popular ingredients.

Some users saw results with Vivexin, while others did not. It’s up to you to decide if it’s worth a $59.95 price tag.


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  1. by Tayane

    SamanthaJanuary 24, 2013 This was the best eye cream I’ve used to date. It was a dark circle wodner-worker. I’d like to suggest anyone who is concerned with dark circles to give this a shot. Haloxyl is the ingredient that works these, according to their customer service.

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