Test X180 Ignite

test x180 ignite

ForceFactor.com says Test X180 Ignite “is designed to give you the spark you need to become more of the man you want to be.”

Men who want to postpone the effects of aging may benefit from Test X180 Ignite. This male health supplement contains ingredients to promote testosterone secretion and reduce fat mass.

I investigated Test X180 Ignite to determine how strong of a fat-burning and testosterone-raising fire it ignites.

How Much Does Test X180 Ignite Cost?

I found 2 websites selling Test X180 Ignite: ForceFactor.com and GNC.com. Both sites charge $80 for a 120-capsule bottle. That price is higher than average for most men’s diet pills or natural testosterone boosters. However, Test X180 Ignite serves two purposes, making the price more reasonable.

Compared to Force Factor’s 2 other testosterone boosters, Test X180 Ignite is the mid-range priced product. Original Test X180 costs about $60 per bottle, and Test X180 Alpha often sells for $100 or more. Men who primarily want a testosterone boost should examine Force Factor’s other products and similar health supplements to make sure Test X180 Ignite offers the benefits they want.

How Can You Get Optimum Results?

A Test X180 Ignite bottle lasts 30 days if used according to directions. Take 2 capsules with breakfast and 2 with lunch or before your workout.

Men who want to drop weight with Test X180 Ignite need to exercise. As testosterone levels rise, it should be easier to build muscle mass, so weight training is one exercise option. Cardio workouts are better for those men hoping to reduce fat mass because they may amplify the potency of the fat-burning ingredients.

Does Test X180 Ignite Use Tested Ingredients in Proven Dosages?

All ingredients in Test X180 Ignite occur in nature and have some research behind their use as health supplements. Let’s see what each contributes to the Test X180 Ignite formula.

Testofen is a standardized form of fenugreek extract. Standardized means every drop contains the same concentration of the active ingredient, fenuside. As the name suggests, Testofen is meant to elevate testosterone levels. A clinical trial of 600 mg Testofen showed improvements in men’s libido, arousal, and orgasm. [1] Test X180 contains less than 600 mg Testofen but may have a similar effect.

Green Tea Leaf
Green tea leaf extract is included in both Test X180 blends. Research shows green tea extract slightly enhances weight loss efforts, especially in people who don’t take caffeine regularly. [2] Green tea is also useful for promoting healthy blood flow. This effect may reduce heart disease and stroke risk factors and trigger stronger erections. [3]

Horny Goat Weed
Horny goat weed earns its reputation as a male enhancement herb based on centuries of use in Chinese medicine. In a 2007 study, human blood vessel cells treated with horny goat weed produced nitric oxide. [4] Nitric oxide dilates blood vessels, improving blood flow. Nitric oxide boosters are often prescribed for men with erectile dysfunction, so horny goat weed may be a natural ED treatment. More research is needed to confirm this, however.

Green Coffee Bean
Green coffee beans contain a chemical called chlorogenic acid. Participants in a 2012 study lost weight while taking a green coffee bean extract with 700 or 1050 mg chlorogenic acid. [5] Test X180 Ignite has much less green coffee bean extract, however, so it may not affect weight loss as significantly as the dose in the study.

Is Test X180 Ignite a Good Value Male Supplement?

Test X180 Ignite has a respectable formula with tested ingredients, although most aren’t included in clinically tested dosages. Whether Test X180 Ignite improves men’s testosterone levels likely depends on fitness level, lifestyle choices, age, and other factors. Some men will notice a difference but others may not. At $80 per bottle, this dual-action men’s health supplement is worth investigating before purchase.

Have you tried Test X180 Ignite? Tell us what you thought in the comments section below.


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  1. by Ben Watsula

    No help to me so after I canceled the order they convinced me to stay on a hold list till December. Unaware that I was going to recieve more of the same product if I forgot to close my account they sent more of a product that did not work. Just a heads up to you guys cancel the entire account or get stuck with more billing of a product you don’t want.

  2. by Steve Spankingit

    Man, this stuff made me wake up the next morning sporting serious wood. I had sprung a nice rod that lasted for almost 6 minutes before it went limp. By the time my ole lady got done in the bathroom getting her stink box nice and fresh for me, my wood was gone. All I could do at that point was to just taste it, smell it and pull all that hair out that got stuck in my teeth. Hey, I want my money back, I think I may have been ripped off.

  3. by Joe Blow

    Cock stayed hard for like 27 minutes. Instead of calling my doctor, I called everyone I knew! My boner finally got limp and i thanked everyone and told them to get the hell out…

  4. by Trial and error

    Guys i was reluctant too in taking this. I tried the sample and it was only a week not 2 weeks sample. I called to cancel but they convinced me to keep trying it and i got the sample shipping refunded, as well as a second sample bottle for the actually 2 weeks.
    i tried it and after the first day i noticed i wasnt dragging my feet around. i tend to do that and feel like i dont have energy most of the time. not anymore, and the working out at the gym is so much better, more energy etc. i didnt expect this at all. also the sex is great …i dont know if they have some viagra in it but its working like when i was a teenager.
    All in all is a mirracle in my book, the only downside is that i read and talked to people and they said to stop taking it nonstop and take monthly breaks. every time i broke off this miracle pill i got sick. sick like i had pains and aches all over my body and felt really fragile. Its funny but very serious. Im thinking of finding an alternative option to this, but the feeling and the energy so far is amazing as long as i take it. after its a bad one week of pain and aches.

  5. by Terry

    I only got a one week free instead of the two weeks that was said in the ad. As far as I can tell it is at least giving me some extra energy during the hour or two after i had taken it and I’m hungry all the time now which has been a blessing for me becouse I usually lose my appetite.so all in all I like the product. I just wish I could get the other week.

  6. by Franklin

    Not impressed. Just felt more jumpy prone to click, rather than energetic and focus. I tried other products that gave me sustained energy and focus for less money. So this was my last time on this product.

  7. by Jon

    Just opened my free trial bottle today and as said above, it’s only 1 week and not 2. I’m calling on the 1st business day to get my 2 weeks plus this one and my shipping money back if they want me to keep the accountopen. I didn’t know they were going to keep charging me. Sneaky little bastards.. I mean if they’re going to trick you into a continuous monthly bill, the give the the dam 2 weeks you said you would. Just from learing all this I am negatized but will try it. I will tell them they better get their sht together or face many returns.

  8. by Stephen

    I was going to order TestX180 until I read the fine print and came to the conclusion that the people at TestX180 are sneaky and dishonest! You only get one weeks worth instead of the advertized two week free trial. And then they will bill your credit card each month for a monthly supply. Due to their dishonesty I will never purchase TextX180 from anywhere!

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