Vigorexin makers know when it comes to a stronger, healthier penis size really does matter. According to advertisements, 95% of all men are unhappy with their penis size, which only averages 5 to 6 inches when erect. There are 2 chambers in the penis called the corpora cavernosa that are filled with blood due to a special hormone during arousal and sex. Vigorexin’s formula supposedly…

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Viagen XL

Viagen XL is supposedly the best-kept secret to a more fulfilling sex life. Promoting bigger, thicker, and stronger erections, Viagen XL boasts fast results, scientific backing, and guaranteed satisfaction. Is Viagen XL a secret worth sharing? I took a closer look to find out everything you want to know before buying.

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Maxis 10

According to its official website, Maxis 10 is a male enhancement supplement formulated to relax penile arteries for enhanced blood flow and better erections. What’s more, the manufacturer says you’ll experience “More Powerful, Intense Orgasms” and “Increased Sexual Drive & Desire.” Let’s find out what if (anything) separates Maxis 10 from other male enhancement supplements. What’s Inside Maxis 10? Maxis 10’s formula combines traditional aphrodisiac…

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Longinexx is a male enhancement supplement formulated to improve blood flow to produce stronger erection quality and increase penis size. “Rated #1 by the Scientific Community,” and “New Breakthrough Male Augmentation Formula,” read some of the many advertisements on the official website. Since these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, I looked closer at the ingredients. What’s Under the Lid?…

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Xantrin is a male enhancement cream said to make you to last longer in bed and have more satisfying sexual experiences. These promises seem a tall order for a small cream, so I investigated Xantrin’s effectiveness. Does Xantrin Feature Effective Ingredients? Here’s a quick look at the key ingredients: Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa This compound is reportedly toxic if dosed incorrectly. Although it is often promoted as…

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Xantho 5x

Xantho 5x is a male enhancement pill formulated to enhance erection quality and size by increasing blood flow to the penis. A third party advertisement addresses Xantho 5x’s effectiveness, “If you want a product that works well towards improvement of sexual functions and pleasure this one does that and more.” But with only vitamin B3 and 117 mg proprietary blend, is this ingredient profile strong…

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Male Extra

Male Extra boasts a doctor’s recommendation and no prescription required. Unfortunately, so do several other male enhancement supplements. So how do you know what to expect from Male Extra? Here’s a full product review with some things to keep in mind when shopping for Male Extra: What Ingredients Does Male Extra Feature? It was nice to see the Male Extra website provides individual ingredient amounts…

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VigRX is a male enhancement pill formulated to promote healthy sexual function in males by increasing sex drive, erection quality, and pleasure. VigRX’s website poses a question to those on the fence about purchasing: “would you like to eliminate the emotional pain caused by your penis size when having sex?” This question along with other manufacturer claims is ambitious. Can a single male enhancement supplement…

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Excitol is a male enhancement supplement formulated to combat low libido, stamina, and weak erections. According to one advertisement, by taking Excitol, “men may be able to once again experience that same confidence they once had.” The company claims Excitol’s all-natural ingredients are safe and do not contain commonly found, yet dangerous, ingredients like yohimbe. I looked closer at the ingredient profile to see if…

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Boasting a “New Era in Natural Male Enhancement,” Enzyte promises ingredients which produce a powerful erection, maintain critical blood flow, and heighten arousal and sexual response. So does Enzyte really have what it takes to usher in a new male enhancement era? Let’s explore it in depth. What’s in Enzyte? According to Enzyte’s official website, it’s “formulated specifically with ingredients to support healthy erectile function…

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