The dramatic before and after images on Splendyr.com offer persuasive evidence that Splendyr, a facial mask for reducing wrinkles, is a powerful anti-aging product.

However, while taking a closer look I noticed the words “simulated imagery” and “results not typical” beneath most of these pictures. This doesn’t surprise me because of the photo editing software available today.

Nevertheless, I think effective anti-wrinkle products still exist, and Splendyr could be one of them. An in-depth examination of Splendyr’s ingredients and other qualities should reveal this product’s true effects.

Who Makes Splendyr?

Splendyr is made by Clear Skin LLC, a skincare product company based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Clear Skin LLC also makes Levela, a wrinkle cream with the same ingredients as Splendyr.

According to the Better Business Bureau, Clear Skin LLC has been in operation since 2011. The BBB has received nearly 40 complaints about Clear Skin LLC products and billing practices since August 2012. This complaint volume and lack of information about Clear Skin LLC caused the BBB to give this business an F rating.

While BBB ratings aren’t always a sure indicator of a company’s trustworthiness, I’m skeptical about any company that earns such a low rating. Nevertheless, I’m most interested in how effectively Splendyr fights wrinkles and other signs of aging.

What’s in Splendyr?

Splendyr.com lists over a dozen age-defying ingredients that can be found in this anti-aging mask. I researched a few of them to find out if they improve skin health.

DMAE is an organic chemical related to the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. [1] Healthy skin cells regularly create acetylcholine. [2] DMAE skin creams increase skin firmness and reduce inflammation, possibly through increasing skin’s acetylcholine production. [3]

MSM is used to reduce scar tissue, stretch marks, and wrinkles. [4] In one study, scientists applied MSM cream to mice repeatedly exposed to ultraviolet light. The MSM cream reduced skin inflammation. [5] However, more research is needed to prove MSM minimizes signs of aging in human skin. [4]

Lipoic Acid
Lipoic acid is an antioxidant used to repair existing skin damage and prevent future signs of aging. [6] A study published in 2003 showed 5% alpha lipoic acid cream reduced skin roughness by 50%. [7] But, Splendyr’s lipoic acid concentration isn’t revealed to consumers, so it may not work as effectively as the studied skin cream.

Hyaluronic Acid
Young people’s skin cells contain abundant hyaluronic acid, which keeps skin smooth and firm. [6] Dermatologists use injectable hyaluronic acid as a wrinkle filler. [8]

But, hyaluronic acid molecules must be a certain size to penetrate skin and be effective against wrinkles when applied topically. [9] Splendyr’s hyaluronic acid molecules may or may not be in that size range.

Resveratrol is an antioxidant found in grapes and red wine. Some spas offer red wine baths as an anti-aging skin treatment. However, resveratrol research currently only shows it’s a powerful sunscreen when used on animals. More research is needed to assess the anti-aging effects of topically applied resveratrol. [10]

How Often Should Splendyr Be Used?

Splendyr is recommended to be used 2 to 3 times every week. Wash and dry your face before applying the mask. Leave it on for 10 minutes, allowing its ingredients to penetrate deep into skin, before washing it off.

Where Can Splendyr Be Purchased?

Splendyr is sold online at Splendyr.com and various related websites. These websites rarely advertise Splendyr’s price. Instead, they usually offer a sample or trial of Splendyr for first-time customers.

Those who take advantage of this Splendyr sample pay only shipping charges to receive their first jar. But, after 15 days, customers are charged full price for this “sample” jar unless they cancel their enrollment in Splendyr’s auto-ship program before that date.

In the auto-ship program, customers automatically receive a new Splendyr jar every several weeks. For people who like Splendyr, this auto-ship program is a convenient way to buy this wrinkle-fighting mask. However, it’s probably a hassle for people who only wanted the Splendyr sample to cancel their membership.

Will Splendyr Minimize Signs of Skin Aging?

Based on its ingredients, Splendyr should reduce wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, and other skin problems that come with age. But, questions about pricing, the auto-ship program, and consumer complaints make me wary to recommend Splendyr outright.

If you think Splendyr’s impressive ingredient list outweighs concerns about billing, you should give this wrinkle-fighting mask a chance.


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  1. by Samantha

    HORRIBLE HORRIBLE customer service! I agree! If you think the product really takes away wrinkles and age spots and you’re willing to deal with the auto billing and associated hassles, go for it! The WORST customer service imaginable! Couldn’t speak to anybody who knew the answers needed! Do you want to deal with something that isn’t an all around pleasant experience? The ordering aspect ruins the entire concept and selling!

  2. by Elisabeth

    yes, terrible customer service and automatic billing. Cant say how product worked, just so annoyed with service

  3. by sheila cannon

    I got the mask and it was sent to me with out a price invoice and didnt know how much it cost until i got my bank statement it was $89 ok that was fine with me but not ever again. welll today i was checking my acct and I’ll be dam if they didnt take out another $89.00 !!!!!!! they never sent me an invoice

  4. by Cathy

    Thanks for your comments ladies. You have answered my question. I will not buy from them.

  5. by Barbara Jones

    Never used the product, did not have it 14 days before they debited my account. Tried to speak with a rep and after two tries I stopped payment,for the next 6 months, bet they will call me now.



  7. by Justin

    Thanks for the information. I almost signed up for what looked like the sample with shipping charges only….but was reminded of the saying, ‘If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is’ and decided to opt out and do some research.
    This does not sound like a company I would want to do business with.

  8. by Betty

    BE VERY WARY!! I found the product to be good, but the customer service is bad and the advertising so misleading, I can not support companies like this. They should be ashamed of their sample product for shipping only with a note in fine print how you will be charged full price in 15 days. If you call, you can get them to take 50% off, but it is outrageous to me that a company with a good product has such bad business practices.

  9. by Marsha West

    You all are very right- The article said 9.95 for a trail size- Before I knew what was going on my bank statement came and I was charged 89.95 for the Levela and 89.95 for the Splendyr. These people are CROOKS –I f they are charging for a mth. supply –Then where is the trail size–And you can’t talk to anyone that know anything I was hung up on everytime that I got through to a person when I demanded my money back..The Better Business Bureau needs to know about these people and I HAVE NOTIFIED THEM ON MY BEHALF–

  10. by Karol

    What a nightmare. I was charged $89.95 and had to call them after 2 months waiting for the product. I recieved a box and an invoice, no instructions. nothing. After numerous calls to operators that sounded like robots I canceled. Still waiting for the promised refund. It’s to bad they operate this way. I recieved so many compliments after using the mask. it does work. I’ll buy it CHEAPER on-line when I want it. BBB has recieved numerous complaints.

  11. by Tonya U.

    Never spoke to anyone but i received a free trial. I am NOT PAYING FOR IT. I never even heard of it until today .

  12. by Dianne N.

    I fell for the “trial offer” with shipping charges. I clearly understood that I could cancel within 15 days after receiving the product and would not be charged the $89.00. I tried both the Splendyr face mask and the Levela anti aging formula. Both are nice,but it’s not any different than what I was already using, so I called to cancel. I was suspicious of the products the day I placed the order, so I wrote down every 800 number I could find and any address, because I felt like I would most likely need it, and it’s a good thing I did !!! I have never in my life been talked to so rudely. The lady insisted that I COULD NOT cancel my membership since I had opened the products. Duh, what the hell. Then she said I had to return the products to Thailand which would cost me at least $25.00 in shipping
    charges. This is absurd if you are asking me!!!! I am not paying shipping charges on anything. I paid for a FREE sample, which I received, I tried it, I chose to cancel any future orders within the 15 day period that I was given, and now the crazy lady is telling me I have to ship any unused products to Thailand

  13. by jennifer

    i also ordered their “trial sample.” got the 89.95 taken out of my account today. i didnt have any problem getting a hold of them which they tried to tell me i had to pay 20.00 to send it back. i told them where to go and called my bank. my bank took it off and blocked them from charging me again

  14. by Rosa

    Yes don’t believe this company I cannot believe the Dr. Oz is so excited about this product and keep saying for five dollars this miracle cream well he should know the truth and let everybody know the truth about these companies on his show and stop indoor these products .The scams because that’s all they are .

  15. by Becky

    I’ve worked as a legal assistant for 33 years, so if I’ve learned anything is to read the fine print. Splendyr free trials clearly states that after 15 days of receipt of the product, you will be billed for the full amount of $89, and that it will be sent automatically every month for $89 until canceled, and Splendyr provides the customer service number. Nothing is free. If the offer sounds too good, then be leery. Read first, then order if you are still interested. If you can’t get a hold of customer service to cancel, then talk to you credit card company. Tell them you’ve tried cancelling but have been unsuccessful.

  16. by Renee

    I recommend then buying from Amazon or ebay. Always try to research reviews on the product, then buying it from another source. I got scammed the same way on another product like this. Then I learned my lesson look somewhere else to buy.

  17. by Andrew Denison

    Rosa – Dr. Oz doesn’t endorse any product. He never has and never will. Products using his name are doing so without his approval.

  18. by Ruth Ortiz

    I ordered one free sample of Splendyr and received it within a week. Then, after another week, received a second package. I was billed $89.95 for each packag. I am refusing to pay for the first one, which as supposed to be free!

  19. by Carol

    According to the cs person I talked to the 15 days trial is from date of order, not date of receipt of product. I hadn’t even had a chance to try the stuff before I was charged the $89.95. I called and ranted at them, got an address in Utah to send the unopened box to and then you have to call cs back and give them the tracking #. Then they will refund your money. Serves me right for not checking out this sight before ordering. :/

  20. by Genera

    Tried to cancel by email and phone but
    No luck, glad I read all these will call credit card tomorrow to have payment stopped. Been trying for over a month, splendry is 89 and the levels is 89 a lot more expensive than expected. No where on the bill does it give you a phone number call, had to look on line .

  21. by jennifer

    ok well i had problems with the billing also but when i called they asked me to send the product back. but i didnt want to do that so we negotiated a price. i paid $20.00 for both products and they refunded the rest. there was no hassle in doing that.

  22. by Jane Villar

    All I know is that I was offered a trial on this product and all of of a sudden, I received another supply……If this is the kind of business you wants to run…you will lose customer relationships.
    I’ll just call and cancel my card……….

  23. by Kat Smith

    This product is awful. It smells yucky and does not work. It left red marks on my skin. I called them to cancel- wasn’t aware it’s auto renew until I read the above comments. I have to send the remaining portion back ( pay the postage) etc. When I mentioned the redness of mu skin the rep simply said” you are supposed to check with your doctor before using this”. No thank you. This is a major rip off scam. I am posting this so others don’t make the same mistake.

  24. by Kathy

    Ditto. I felt like an idiot for not reading the fine print but they won’t respond to my emails either. Grr. Ripoff. They deserve the better business bureau F but they are probably getting rich.

  25. by Constance

    Thanks for all the advice—-Have changed my mind about ordering, which means I am not!!!!

  26. by Aura

    Thanks for all the comments. I’ve had bad experiences in the past due to not researching a product or procedure enough. Now I do not buy or get any procedure, or doctor’s services before reading all the available reviews that I can possibly find. I will not be buying the product from this company, but I will take a look at Amazon. It seems mostly everyone here talked about the company and its bad business procedures, but did not really review the product itself. Maybe it is a good product? Thanks for the reviews.

  27. by Ada


  28. by Linda

    They are dishonest, I got the free sample, called 3 days later to cancel. The product burned my face. They gave me a cancelation no. I got my credit card bill and I had been billed twice for the product? I called to tell them that I. Had been billed. the guy got very ugly with me. It is impossible to get credit for their mistake. this company is dishonest. Please do not make the same mistake I did. Remember if it sounds to go to be true it’s probable not true.

  29. by Katina

    On this Weds. 11/20/13 I went on the Splendyr website and placed an order for the free trial offer and paid $4.79 for shipping..well less than 5 mins within placing the order I called to cancel after I had thoroughly read the fine print. The customer service agent cancelled my order, gave me an order cancellation # but still charged my account for shipping. Called customer services again today and was told that even though I cancelled the order right away they could not refund me the shipping and handling charge because it goes directly to the post office, I asked to speak to a supervisor and was placed on hold for 5 minutes, after which time the representative said there wasn’t one available but if I left my phone number some one would call me back, still waiting for that call..this company is a scam and a rip-off!!

  30. by Kim

    I was going to try the sample as well, but having been surprised in the past by other items I did notice the auto billing and then went to Amazon to see if there were reviews. Some said it worked very well, but several there were upset with the whole customer service issue.

    In response to the complaints someone claiming to be with the company was doing damage control and gave his email address for people to contact him for assistance. For those of you who have had this problem, you may want to contact him at gary@myhealthypoint.com

    Also, fyi, it is much cheaper on Amazon.

    On the fence as to if I want to try it now, but know that if I do, it will be through Amazon!

  31. by Barbara Lee

    I’m 48 years old and started noticing big changes in my skin. I was looking for something to help me turn back a little time and I found the answer in a very legitimate company with a long standing reputation! The products I use were developed by Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, the creators of Proactiv. Stanford trained dermatologists and world renowned! The beauty editors seek their expertise in all areas of skin! Unfortunately companies like the one listed in this article give legitimate ones a “black eye” and make consumers so leery. I am proud to represent a company that is absolutely transparent and offers real results in anti-aging and a 60 day money back guarantee. There are auto ship programs out there that are meant to be a convenience to the consumer, not a trick to get into their account! An auto ship program that is set up correctly will be more of a convenience to you as the consumer and completely controllable by you. Our company allows you to set up your own personal account online that you control completely, you can have your products auto shipped every 60 days if you wish or you can delay shipments any time you want. Since our products are designed to be used in a 60 day time period many of our consumers find it convenient to have their products shipped automatically every 60 days but because we are all different and have different needs we don’t all use the same amounts in the same period of time and that’s why we offer the convenience of delaying orders as well.

  32. by joanne

    so far I have only used the product one day. It remains to be seen whether it works or not. I will report again later. After reading this thread, after receiving my product which came with no invoice or instructions other than those on the box, I was alarmed by the auto debit process. I had no idea when I requested ‘free samples” that it would lead to two charges of $89 a month. So I immediately went online, found the website (which only became visible after my “order” was processed and read the fine print (which was not obvious unless you clicked on “terms and condition” and read the whole ugly mess. I sent an email, following their instruction, the cancel both “orders” and called my bank card to ask them what to do. They said follow cancellation procedure and save all e mails to prove that you did follow procedure. the next morning I received cancllation confirmation letter from both Splendyr and Levela. I will see when my statement comes, whether there is a charge or not. If there is a charge, I will submit my documentation to the bank card company and they said they will take funds away from the company. Yes, I believe this is a dishonest/devious at best way to to business. If I liked the samples, I would be happy to order more…but I would order from Amazon now that I know the process. I don’t even know that I would want to put any money in their pockets in light of what I now know. I am sure there other products out there that cost as much or less that are as effective. Thank You all for this information. I should have checked the review before “ordering”.

  33. by Paula

    All this product did was cause my face to break out upon the first use… and immediately after I received the trial, I e-mailed the company and told them to cancel any future orders, and that I was copying my attorney as well as my bank, on the e-mail should there be any attempts to bill me again… hopefully that was it…

  34. by Paula

    Oh, and one more thing – cancel the debit or credit card you used and have another one with a new number issued from your bank – I know that’s kind of a pain, but especially if you have another debit or credit card to use for yourself until your new one comes in, they will be SOL if they try to charge you again…..

  35. by Christine

    I’m 47 years old, and I really like the product. I bought it in conjunction with Levela lotion. I read the terms and conditions before getting my free trial on both of them, which explains that after 15 days you will be charged. So I was fine. I sent an e-mail to cancel the automatic shipments as I did not want the products as often as they shipped and it was cancelled right away. Now I just need to find a way to buy one container at a time of each on my own time frame. Maybe I will look on Amazon!

  36. by Sandy

    Sure wish I would have read these reviews before I ordered Splendyr/Levela. Three days after recieving the products, I was billed $89.95 twice at 4am from Utah. The Fraud Division of my bank notified me and cancelled my Visa credit card immediately. I spoke to a company representative, who asked me to return the products for a full refund and gave me a bogus address. The mail service I used was nice enough to look up the correct address for the company and is now tracing the package. The mail service person said that this type of scam happens often these days.
    My bank said the charges were pending for a few days, but the full $179.90 was paid. I am now waiting for 30 days to see if the money will be refunded.

  37. by Christiana

    I am so grateful to you all for taking the time to give fair warning about your experiences with this company. I saw their ad on Facebook. I thought, “Eh…looks a little too good to be true, I better see what the girls are saying”. I thought I’d find that the product didn’t work, not that the company was a total scam. I’m sorry that happened to you all. I hope you get your money back. I guess I’ll be living with my wrinkles. I earned them and every penny I have. Perhaps I should not be so willing to part with either so easily…

  38. by Rondalyn

    SCAM!! Horrible customer service. Multiple charges. Could not cancel. Given an invalid address to return product. Told I could only get a refund if I authorized more charges. Confusing. They hung up on me. Rude.

  39. by wilma

    This is how you can get your money back : Call 877-238-2124 ( calling center in Asia) and be persistant that you want to return the products ( used or new). They will give you the return addresses and RMA ( return authorization number). Return/mail products with tracking info. Track delivery ( usps online tracking). Call back to this same number when delivered with delivery info. and they will process refund. Return address : Splendyr : 5406 W. 1100 North, Suite 103 PMB 448 Highland Utah 84003. For Levela : Beach Ready LLC PO box 3540 Silver Spring NV 89429. Must have RMA and tracking info. for full refund. I lost shipping fee and return fee but learned a big lesson that scam business like this one exist !

  40. by wilma

    Forgot to mention to be sure to cancel membership when you contact 877-238-2124 for refund. This will cease all future shipment and billing.

  41. by heather

    I am writing this to warn anyone thinking of getting this product!!!!!!!!!dont do it!!!!!!!!!!its a scam!!!i did the risk free fourteen day trial with the splendyr and levela. Well i have only had the product for five days.First I saw this on fb and it says to use the creams together . It had great reviews . Well splendyr sent me the mask so how am i gonna no how the two work together!!!!!so you pay th$4.95 for shipping with thinking you can cancel in 14days. well i called today and emailed to cancel . The man i talked was very rude and pushy. I said i wanted to cancel my order he said to send it back witch cost $25.00 or he will give me a deal to keep it for twenty and he will cancel my order. well i said i have used some of it and you have not even given me a chance to see if i like the the product. Plus it was not what was advertised!!!!!!i told him i did not like neither choices. he cut me off and put me on hold!!!!!!!!!and came back and told me $20.00 will be charged to my account and it had been canceled. i tried to tell him that i did not want to do that. and did not give me a chance before he hung up on me!!!!!!!!!so mad. i did call to cancel levela and they gave me no problems and did not charge or ask for the product back just said i will be emailed a confirmation that its canceled. So do not get the splendyr!!!!!!!!!

  42. by Terry Newman

    I ordered thier trial size, and tried to cancel within thier 15 day time period. Never got a person to talk to, and never got an answer to my email requesting cancellation of thier product. So, after reading the reviews, I didn’t want them to bill me anymore, so I just called my bank and canceled my card. It is a minor inconvenience, but it’s better than being charged more money. Besides the cream doesn’t do much good.

  43. by Valerie

    I found the product Splendyr to have amazing results. I have also had the problem with the 89.00 charge to my account also. Very misleading. I will buy it elsewhere. I have also cancelled my credit card to have no further payments aquired.

  44. by Rhonda

    I tried to cancel the free trial, as I was deceived about several issues of the advertisement. They told me no! Said I had to pay $20 if I wanted to cancel. They wanted me to extend my trial date cause the trial date starts the DAY YOU ORDER, not the day of delivery. The main reason to cancel was deception of advertisement. The customer service agent I talked to was rude and uncooperative and said I couldn’t cancel my order. I had to go to my bank and cancel my card!!!! to keep them from taking any more money from me. This is the worst free trial I have ever been in. The product itself is good, but no where near the hassle and crap you have to take. Beware of this trial!!!!! They are lying to you!!!!

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