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shatter sx7

Muscletech advertisements would have you believe its latest pre-workout formula #Shatter SX-7 will help you shatter personal records and plateaus.

Unlike other pre-workout formulas, #Shatter SX-7 isn’t packed with fillers or harmful chemicals. Instead, it offers a “clean formula” that supplies “relentless energy” for more explosive workouts.

If #Shatter SX-7 could deliver on these claims, then it would be a great choice for athletes looking to gain an edge on their performance. But let’s not put the cart before the horse! Before deciding whether this product is worth buying, let’s examine its ingredients and what it has to offer.

Are The Ingredients Proven?

The key to determining this product’s effectiveness is in its ingredients. At first glance, this pre-workout formula doesn’t look too bad. There are only 7 ingredients, and some of them are backed with research.

Myristica Fragrans. More commonly known as nutmeg, this plant is traditionally used to treat stomach spasms, pain, and nausea. It’s being researched for its effects on the central nervous system, but there is not enough clinical research to determine a safe, effective dosage. [1]

Ecklonia Cava. More commonly known as brown algae, this plant is rich in antioxidants which eliminate harmful free radicals. It is used for treating many conditions, including heart disease, fibromyalgia, and cancer, but WebMD experts state “more evidence is needed to rate the effectiveness of brown algae” for any of these uses. [2]

Holy Basil. Holy Basil is often used to counter-act the effects of stress. A patented basil extract known as OciBest successfully improved symptoms of stress such as forgetfulness and sexual problems in just a few weeks.[3]

However, I’m not sure what role holy basil plays in #Shatter SX-7 because I could not find any studies demonstrating its use for weight loss or enhancing performance.

Beta-Alanine. Beta alanine is a non-essential amino acid that increases carnosine content in the muscle. This then triggers a significant increase in endurance. Studies show 2-4 g beta alanine boosts average power output in cyclists. [4]

While #Shatter SX-7 does not have as much beta-alanine as the amount used in the study, it may still provide increased endurance in workouts.

Grains of Paradise. Grains of paradise are often taken as stimulants, but the plant has not been thoroughly researched to know if it is effective or safe. [5]

Caffeine. Caffeine gives more than just an energy boost; it interacts with the central nervous system to enhance metabolism and endurance. Some experts speculate caffeine enhances fat oxidation and spares muscle glycogen, creating the ideal environment for active muscle to perform effectively. [6]

Caffeine’s benefits are dose dependent, so the greater the dose, the greater the effects. #Shatter SX-7 contains enough caffeine to increase energy and boost metabolism.

Peak ATP. Peak ATP is official known as adenosine-5-triphosphate, a chemical which improves muscle torque and torque fatigue during high intensity exercise. Studies show 400 mg ATP enabled atheltes to maintain a higher force output during exercise. [7]

#Shatter SX-7 has half the studied dose, but it may still provide some positive benefit to exercise performance.

As you can see, a closer look at the formula reveals that not all of the ingredients are sufficiently researched to validate their use in this product. They might provide some benefit, but the lack of research and unknown side effects has me concerned.

Should You Worry About Side Effects?

The label warns consumers about #Shatter SX-7’s caffeine content. Users sensitive to caffeine may experience headache, nausea, irritability, insomnia, restlessness, and other side effects associated with caffeine use. You can minimize this risk by taking a smaller dosage and by limiting your caffeine intake from other sources such as coffee, tea, and soda.

However, I’m more concerned about the product’s use of nutmeg. WebMD experts state long-term usage of 120 mg or more may result in mental side effects. #Shatter SX-7 supplies 100 mg nutmeg, which is close enough to that dose that it may be harmful. [1]

Additionally, grains of paradise may cause irritation of the stomach, intestine, and urinary system. [5]

Consequently, it’s best to ask a doctor before taking #Shatter SX-7, especially if you are taking any medication or have a medical condition.

How to Use #Shatter SX-7

As with any pre-workout formula, #Shatter SX-7 works best when combined with a healthy diet and regular strength training exercise.

To maximize your results, take 2 servings (2 scoops) with 8 to 12 oz. water 30 to 45 minutes before your workout. Do not take more than 2 scoops in a 24 hour period.

Purchasing Options

As far as I can tell, #Shatter SX-7 is only available at GNC.com.

One 290 g bottle of #Shatter SX-7 costs $69.99 for the following flavors:

• Blue Raspberry
• Icy Pink Lemonade
• Watermelon Fusion
• Fruit Punch Blast

A smaller 195 G bottle of Fruit Punch Blast flavor #Shatter SX-7 is also available for $47.99.

Is It a Good Choice?

#Shatter SX-7 offers a few good ingredients for improving performance, and the price is competitive compared to similar pre-workout products.

However, I’m worried about the risks #Shatter SX-7 poses to consumers, as many of the ingredients are not fully studied for safety.

It’s a bit of gamble investing in a new product like this one, but it might pay off for some users. But what do you think? Is it a good choice?

Share your thoughts and comments below!


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  1. by Kyle C.

    I bought this to get a good pre-workout supp. What I got was a GREAT supp. I combined two scoops with a 3oz shot containing some extra tyrosine and beta alanine and…..WOW. In 30 mins I started a heavy chest workout and had 110-120% for a full hour. Every set I was able to power through heavier and harder. Focus, positive mood, and determination through the roof. Worth gettin the GNC gold card to save some bucks. I plan to use this stuff on heavy workout days, twice a week so the 30serv bottle for $39.99(with card) will last 7 weeks. After using it I totally recommend this usage level to avoid risks of undesired side effects. I’m a pro-trainer and former marine firefighter, I’ve been around the block a few times and for the money and benefits this supp gets five stars from me.

  2. by Monique

    My son received a sample of Shatter from GNC and said he had one of the best workouts ever. So, I tried it and wow, what a great boost in energy. The energy was subtle and I didn’t get the tingles that I get with other pre-workout drinks. I’m in my late 40s and I enjoy running and weight lifting and Shatter allows me to get in a solid five mile hilly course followed by a complete three set per muscle group leg or arm workout. Great supplement!

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