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serovital hgh

SeroVital HGH is reportedly “the anti-aging breakthrough everyone is talking about.” And with over 29,000 likes on Facebook, it appears this may be true.

“Ponce De Leon had epic ships and warriors to find the Fountain of Youth . . . we have SeroVital!” reads one of SeroVital HGH’s Facebook posts, which 62 people liked.

But, popularity isn’t everything. I wanted to know whether SeroVital HGH is clinically proven to “turn back the clock” by increasing HGH production.

Here’s what I found out about SeroVital HGH.

What’s In SeroVital HGH?

To know if an HGH supplement like SeroVital HGH is clinically proven to work, we need to look closer at specific properties of each ingredient:

Lysine and Arginine. These amino acids show mixed results in increasing growth hormone levels.

In one study, 1500 mg each of arginine and lysine elevated growth hormone under resting conditions but did not alter exercise-induced growth hormone changes. [1]

In another study, 3 g each arginine and lysine twice daily did not stimulate growth hormone release. [2]

Oxoproline. Oxoproline plays a role in amino acid transport across the blood-brain barrier, ideally enabling the amino acids in SeroVital HGH to produce their full effects. [3]

Oxoproline might cause oxidative stress in the brain, though, which leads to brain damage in worst case scenarios. [4]

N-Acetyl L-Cysteine. A derivative of the amino acid cysteine, n-acetyl l-cysteine enhanced biosynthetic growth hormone absorption in rats. [5]

However, since SeroVital HGH does not contain growth hormone (it’s formulated to increase it naturally), it’s unclear how this ingredient works in SeroVital HGH.

L-Glutamine. In one study, 2 g glutamine elevated growth hormone levels. [6] Glutamine is also said to contribute to essential biological processes, especially during times of stress. [7]

Schizonepeta. A plant used to treat eczema, the common cold, and other conditions, schizonepeta may improve health but has no connection to growth hormone, as far as I can tell. [8]

The downside to SeroVital HGH’s ingredients is ingredient amounts are not disclosed. It’s hard to say if there is enough of each ingredient to make an impact.

Who Makes SeroVital HGH?

In investigating SeroVital HGH, I wanted to know whether the company was credible and trustworthy.

There is little information available about SanMedica International, and as far as I could find, SeroVital HGH is its only product.

The company claims SeroVital HGH was the result of research on a compound capable of raising growth hormone levels by 682%. However, there is no reference to this research, so it’s difficult to verify its credibility.

In a press release by the company, spokesperson Chantelle Daines said the company will not reveal their client list because “we firmly believe that our customers—including the celebrities—are entitled to their privacy.”

However, it’s unclear whether celebrities are actually using SeroVital HGH or whether the press release was merely a clever marketing technique.

But, even SanMedica International admits SeroVital HGH is not a “magic bullet.” SeroVital HGH’s webpage reads the supplement has a “catch”: it must be part of a healthy lifestyle, it must be taken on an empty stomach, and it is expensive.

What Are People Saying About SeroVital HGH?

SeroVital HGH reviews are confusing. It appears to work differently for each individual.

Some people note anti-aging effects like better skin, better sleep, and decreased arthritis symptoms. However, a wide range of side effects have been reported, from fatigue to hair loss to weight gain to headaches.

Here are a few comments from customers:

• “My third month using. I feel like my body is restructuring itself. I haven’t lost weight, but have not changed my diet either. I am in a smaller size pants. My arms look smaller. I have been told twice in the last week that my skin looks better.” (Debbie Hodges; Facebook)

• “Since I started taking SeroVital HGH I have felt bad. I am still taking it but I’m thinking about not taking it anymore, I just wonder if you are supposed to feel bad and all of a sudden you feel good or what is going on. I am very fatigued.” (Sandi Hobbs;

• “I have been using SeroVital for the past four months. I loved the product at first because I noticed that my nails and hair seemed stronger and grew faster. The arthritis in my hands seemed less intense. However, I started gaining weight!” (Anne Marie;

Should You Buy SeroVital HGH?

A month supply of SeroVital HGH costs $99.00 at and While this is much less expensive than plastic surgery or HGH injections, it’s still pricey for a supplement.

SeroVital HGH does not come with much clinical proof, and many users have reported side effects. For these reasons, I would hold off on purchasing SeroVital HGH.

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