Pro Clinical Muscle Stack SX-7

Pro Clinical Muscle Stack SX-7

Targeted at people who want major mass and strength gains fast, Pro Clinical Muscle Stack SX-7 uses two distinct products to promote exactly those results.

Every Pro Clinical Muscle Stack SX-7 comes with a month’s supply of Peak SX-7 and Clear Muscle SX-7. These two products are specialized to provide pre-workout and muscle-building needs.

Because of the promise of quick muscle gains and the cutting-edge ingredients, Pro Clinical Muscle Stack SX-7 needs to be reviewed for efficacy.

What Is in Peak SX-7?

Peak SX-7 is the pre-workout energy booster and muscle growth primer in Pro Clinical Muscle Stack SX-7. It contains 2 ingredients for muscle-building efficacy.

ATP Disodium
This is an orally administered salt of ATP, the cell’s basic molecule of energy storage and release. Unfortunately, studies so far show taking ATP by mouth isn’t bioavailable. Consequently, ATP disodium isn’t like to enhance gym performance. [1]

Longjack Extract
Longjack extract is used to encourage testosterone production. [2] Healthy, high testosterone levels support fast muscle growth and strength gains.

For example, in one study men who used longjack supplements with their weight training program built muscle and had improved strength. [3] Pro Clinical Muscle Stack SX-7 has the same 100 mg dose as was used in this study.

What Is in Clear Muscle SX-7?

Clear Muscle SX-7, the second supplement in this muscle-building stack, has only one ingredient: BetaTOR. BetaTOR is a unique form of HMB, a chemical related to the breakdown of the amino acid leucine. [4]

When men used HMB supplements with a weight-training session, their muscles showed fewer signs of breakdown. [5] However, HMB supplements similar to BetaTOR appear to have minimal effects on muscle growth. [6]

How Can People See Results Quickly with This Stack?

Scientists at the University of Tampa tested Pro Clinical Muscle Stack SX-7. According to, participants in the 12-week study gained 18.7 pounds of muscle and increased strength by 279%.

For people who want to duplicate those results as much as possible, Muscletech has outlined the training schedule used in the study. Of course, individual results likely vary. Nevertheless, it’s important to lift weights regularly to build muscle with Pro Clinical Muscle Stack SX-7.

How Much Does It Cost?

GNC is the only store selling Pro Clinical Muscle Stack SX-7. Non-members pay $159.99 for a month’s supply. GNC members get a significant discount, paying only $127.99 for the same 240 capsule supply.

At the time this review was written, Pro Clinical Muscle Stack SX-7 was backordered on Being backordered shows this product is in high demand, possibly meaning people have had good results and keep coming back for more.

Have People Reviewed Pro Clinical Muscle Stack SX-7?

Although this supplement stack has a clinical study to show it enhances muscle and strength gains, there aren’t any user reviews online yet. Because the ingredients have so little research supporting them, checking for customer reviews on Pro Clinical Muscle Stack SX-7 is recommended before purchase.

Do These Supplements Promote Fast Muscle Gains?

As far as efficacy is concerned, the jury’s still out on Pro Clinical Muscle Stack SX-7. This two-supplement stack uses ingredients on the rise in the bodybuilding world but not yet strongly supported by research. However, the University of Tampa study indicates Pro Clinical Muscle Stack SX-7 produces major results in little time.

With such conflicting evidence, consumers should consider price and overall supplementation needs before buying Pro Clinical Muscle Stack SX-7. Unfortunately, this stack is expensive and doesn’t adequately replace other training supplements. Unless consumer reviews tip the scale in favor of Pro Clinical Muscle Stack SX-7, bodybuilders should pass on this stack.

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