Platinum Pure CLA

Platinum Pure CLA

Platinum Pure CLA from supplement giant MuscleTech is said to protect strong muscles against their greatest nemesis: breakdown.

This single-ingredient supplement utilizes the power of healthy fatty acid CLA to ensure muscles live in an anabolic environment rather than a catabolic one.

Because many bodybuilders want to protect their gains, Platinum Pre CLA needs to be examined to ensure it delivers the advertised results to interested consumers.

Who Should Use Platinum Pure CLA?

Because it’s advertised as an anti-catabolic supplement, Platinum Pure CLA is likely best for people who want to maintain lean mass while shedding weight, such as bodybuilders in a cutting phase.

Certain people should also avoid using CLA supplements, including, pregnant women, breast-feeding women, diabetics, and people with metabolic syndrome. [1]

Does It Have an Effective CLA Dose?

CLA research investigates this ingredient for its effects on body composition. For example, a 2006 study evaluated CLA to see how it affected muscle growth, fat loss, and muscle breakdown. In the study, 76 people took 5 gram CLA or placebo daily weight training 3 days a week.

After 7 weeks, CLA users had better body composition improvements. They gained 3 pounds muscle, lost nearly 2 pounds fat, and showed less signs of muscle breakdown. Those on the placebo gained less than a half pound muscle, gained nearly a pound of fat, and increased muscle breakdown. [2]

Unfortunately, it’s hard to locate another CLA study directly measuring muscle gains and breakdown as this study did. Consequently, it’s unclear if this decreased muscle breakdown relies on a 5 gram CLA dose.

Platinum Pure CLA supplies only 2.4 gram CLA per day when used according to directions, less than half the studied dose. This dose probably produces some effects similar to the study but to a smaller degree.

However, the 2.4 gram CLA dose is more than enough to reduce body fat. Research shows 1.8 gram CLA dose per day is strong enough to promote fat loss in obese individuals. [1]

Who Sells Platinum Pure CLA?

Several online supplement retailers sell Platinum Pure CLA. Here’s a sample of their prices (not including shipping costs):

• $14.99
• $14.71
• $15.99
• $15.79

These prices are similar to many other CLA supplements. Consequently, Platinum Pure CLA offers consumers another well-priced CLA supplement option.

Are There Side Effects?

CLA is a naturally occurring fatty acid, common in most people’s daily diets. That’s why CLA doesn’t cause major side effects when supplemented.

However, users sometimes report minor side effects such as nausea, diarrhea, or upset stomach. [1] These effects seem to occur in people taking 3 gram or CLA per day. [3] Sticking to the 2.4 gram Platinum Pure CLA dose may help user to avoid these minor side effects.

Is Platinum Pure CLA Worth Buying?

CLA research shows this fatty acid protects against muscle loss while promoting fat loss and lean mass gains. But, Platinum Pure CLA supplies less CLA per day than was used in the study, so effects are likely not as dramatic.

However, Platinum Pure CLA’s dose seems optimized to produce advertised effects while minimizing possible side effects. Therefore, Platinum Pure CLA is a good CLA supplement to try.

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