Almost since the inception of time, people have been looking for the fountain of youth. But when it comes to skincare, anything that comes even remotely close often costs hundreds for minimal results at best.

Yet despite so many sub-par products that cost so much, the makers of Oxytokin promise to be able to turn back the hands of time by eliminating fine lines, reducing wrinkles and getting rid of dark circles underneath your eyes at a fraction of the price you’ll pay for other popular wrinkle creams.

So can Oxytokin really help you get the youth and vibrant skin you once had for such a great price?

I decided to take a closer look at the ingredients, the cost and every other aspect of Oxytokin, as well as the feedback from users that have tried Oxytokin before, before I made a decision on Oxytokin and spent any money on this popular wrinkle cream.

What Does Oxytokin Do and How is it Supposed to Work?

According to Oxytokin manufacturers, the money spent on the production of Oxytokin is almost solely based on the ingredients for this product, rather than on expensive advertisement campaigns or even fancy packaging. This is the main selling point for Oxytokin. The idea is you still get a high-quality wrinkle cream for an affordable price.

The ingredients are supposed to be able to penetrate the outer layers of the skin to relax tiny muscles underneath the skin that can be causing both fine lines and deep wrinkles.

One look at Oxytokin’s ingredients and you can see there really is something to what these ingredients can really do. Argireline NP, one of the main ingredients in Oxytokin is a peptide that is one of the most powerful topical muscle relaxers. Relaxing the muscle under the skin really is a great way to slow wrinkles from forming because we all know wrinkles often develop as a result of the repetitive facial movements we make.

Working in some of the same ways as Botox injections, Argireline changes neurochemical signals between muscles and nerves so that your skin will have a more relaxed look and look smoother than it did before.I read some reviews who used Oxytokin for just a week and they were getting compliments from friends and family.

Another ingredient, Peption-5 is one of the most innovative ingredients available in the wrinkle industry. This conglomerate of amino acids is similar to the makeup of collagen type 1 and can help stimulate the synthesis of collagen in the body.

This helps add a youthful fullness to your skin, as well as adding elasticity to skin that has begun to droop over time.

It’s true these ingredients can be found in other products, but from what I’ve seen, you’ll pay more to get them in a lot of wrinkle creams. You’ll probably pay two to four times as much for other products with these ingredients. I’ve seen products with some of these ingredients for anywhere from $70 to $200. Maybe not the $400 the makers are talking about on the official site but you can pay a lot for these ingredients if you don’t shop around.

Is Oxytokin Safe?

The good news about Oxytokin is that it’s not going to leave you suffering. It’s basically as dangerous as any moisturizer.

Unlike chemical peels and expensive injections of Botox and other toxins, Oxytokin’s ingredients work with the skin to give it back some of the things that it has lost over time.

This means that you will be able to reverse unsightly signs of aging without putting your skin at risk of further damage, and without as much of a strain to your wallet, with one bottle of Oxytokin coming in at just under $40.

How Do You Buy Oxytokin?

Ordering Oxytokin from its official website www.Oxytokin.com is $39.95 You’ll save more if you buy multiple bottles (that’s usually the case with these kinds of products). You can get it for around $20 if you buy the maximum amount on the site. You also get a 90-day money-back guarantee, so there isn’t any risk.

However, if you’re looking for a better price, I found three sites to choose from:

I recommend eSupplements.com. The money-back guarantee and free shipping make it the cheapest option, and you can still get the discounts with multiple bottles.
When you really do compare Oxytokin to other wrinkle creams, it is one of the best values you can get, but most importantly, people really see results and that’s what’s important. So check it out and come back and share your thoughts if you do give Oxytokin a try.


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  1. by Jenn Anderson

    I’m 36 years old and started worrying about my skin when I saw an old friend my same age who looked about 10 years older. I knew I had to do something. oxytokin is just perfect, it leaves my skin feeling smooth, moist and I’ve noticed a healthy glow. I can tell it’s working. I’ll be using this for a long time.

  2. by Hellen G.

    I thought I’d share my thoughts because I think they can help. I started using Oxytokin about 3 months ago. The first thing I noticed right away was the way my skin felt. It just felt healthy and smooth even after the first time I used it. I used to have to use a regular moisturizer 3 or 4 times a day. Those days are gone. my skin isn’t dry anymore. Do I look younger? I haven’t noticed as much as some other people.I do get a lot of compliments on my skin and when I’m out with my 30 year old daughter some people now think we’re sisters. Good for me, not so good for her. Oxytokin really is great!

  3. by bernice j

    Does anyone know if you can get a deal on this? I really like it but was wondering if there’s any good deals out there besides the sites listed above.
    thanks for any responses

  4. by M. Wilson

    So I used to get pretty expensive moisturizers and facial creams online but was really liking the look of my skin lately so I tried Oxytokin. I actually almost didn’t buy it because I thought it wouldn’t work because it wouldn’t have expensive ingredients that really do the job. I’m glad I tried it because it does work better than those expensive products I used to use. I honestly feel like I look about 10 years younger.

  5. by carrie h.

    Want to say you can get a good deal on this if you order more than a single bottle. They also send you a coupon for future orders so you get a good deal.

  6. by Loree

    This makes everything so compeltley painless.

  7. by Tanya

    Just bought it hope its worth my money waiting for it to arrived soon

  8. by Kim

    I am 54 and have extremely sensitive skin. I cannot use the moisturizers found in the upscale department stores, including the ones made expressly for sensitive skin. I decided to try Oxytokin on a whim…I am very glad I did. Not only has my skin NOT broken out, my skin looks and feels more moist without greasiness as well as looking more radiant. I am very pleased with the great performance and very reasonable price of this product.

  9. by Adele

    I bought oxytocin about 5 months ago and I think it is great. I love how my skin feels and the firmness of my skin.

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