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Improve physical endurance and strength with “the best creatine supplement around.” The makers of Myoswell Advanced Creatine Complex are making this statement, and they place clinical research studies and consumer testimonials behind it.

“Myoswell is a great product,” stated one happy customer. “I got harder, leaner muscle…I kept the results…other products just didn’t give me what they promised.”

“I’ve been using Myoswell for a while now,” remarked another. “It’s hands down the best creatine out there.”

With research studies to back up their claims and people who tried the product attesting to its positive results, it seems unlikely that anything could be wrong with this supplement.

I researched the product and its ingredients before I came to a conclusion and discovered the assertions listed above may not actually be true for everyone who tries it.


Creatine HCl (2,000 mg)

Creatine is a substance that increases athletes’ and bodybuilders’ strength by augmenting muscle mass and offering them bursts of energy. Clinical research demonstrated this claim to be true for people who are not highly trained athletes.

Studies also showed that creatine is only effective for certain types of sports, like sprinting. [1]

To be most effective, users must take 20 grams daily for 5 days during the loading period.

Arginine AKG (1,500 mg)

Arginine AKG supposedly improves amino acid synthesis and makes more protein available by building up strength and muscle mass.

Arginine AKG did increase lean muscle mass in a sample with a low tolerance for glucose, but the same results weren’t duplicated in healthy people. Other studies failed to demonstrate that arginine AKG improves physical performance on a consistent basis. [2]

The recommended daily dose for arginine is 20 grams per day.

Arginine Ethyl Ester (1,500 mg)

L-arginine creates nitric oxide which intensifies endurance and strength. When L-arginine is added to a supplement, it pumps the muscles up. By adding ester to this substance, Myoswell’s manufacturers claim they enhanced the absorption rate of arginine.

According to them, arginine’s positive effects begin earlier and last longer with ester. Clinical studies on arginine’s effectiveness are mixed because some showed arginine to heighten nitric oxide flow, but other studies did not. [3]

The suggested dose of arginine is 15 to 18 grams.

Chromium (10 mcg)

Chromium picolinate is a wonder mineral that supposedly grows lean muscle mass, replaces minerals lost during heavy exercise and decreases fat.

However, research in this area did not succeed in demonstrating chromium picolinate reduces fat or enhances strength, lean mass or physical endurance. [4]

The recommended dose is 1,000 mcg for chromium picolinate.

Cinnamon (100 mg)

Cinnamon supposedly decreases body fat at the same time it increases lean muscle mass. Although clinical research supporting these claims does not seem to exist, there is research demonstrating cinnamon’s effectiveness in reducing glucose levels. [5]

For this purpose, medical professionals recommend taking 1 to 6 grams of cinnamon per day.

Are There Side Effects?

Creatine may be dangerous under some circumstances. For example, it is ill-advised to exercise in extreme heat after ingesting this substance because you may become dehydrated.

Also, avoid taking a creatine supplement with caffeine or ephedra because this combination strengthens the chances of experiencing a stroke. Creatine may also aggravate kidney disease.

Arginine is safe in most instances when taken on a short-term basis, but it does have side effects. This substance is known to lower blood pressure, and this may be an issue if you already have low blood pressure.

It may also cause asthma symptoms to become worse and may provoke allergic reactions. Finally, it may increase the risk of death if you had a heart attack in the past.

Some other side effects include bloating, diarrhea, gout, abdominal pain and blood abnormalities.

Medical professionals advise against taking chromium for more than six months. When ingested for longer periods, some experience headaches, mood swings, dizziness, nausea and difficulties thinking.

Judgment and coordination may become hindered, and skin irritations might develop. Furthermore, chromium picolinate is rumored to be responsible for damaging the liver and the kidneys.

Cinnamon bark is considered to be safe in the amounts added to foods.

How Long Does a Bottle Last?

One bottle is expected to last 30 days. The manufacturers suggest you only take this supplement for three or four months. Then, cease consumption for about two weeks.

Myoswell Advanced Creatine Complex’s manufacturers state this creatine supplement improves physical endurance and boosts muscle strength and nitric oxide.

Despite some of the contradictory scientific evidence, Myoswell Advanced Creatine Complex is still worth trying because it was worked well for many users in the real world.

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