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muscletech test hd

Associated with stories of surpassing the odds and reaching the pinnacle, the Himalayas are the natural source of Muscletech Test HD’s most hyped ingredient: shilajit.

Considering Muscletech Test HD is intended to elevate testosterone levels in 7 days, including an ingredient sourced from the world’s tallest mountain range seems appropriate. Indeed, shilajit’s Himalayan origins associate this rare ingredient with unavoidably masculine traits like strength, endurance, and adventure—traits which are also linked to testosterone.

But, while inspecting the Muscletech Test HD product label, I noticed shilajit isn’t the most prevalent ingredient in this T-booster. Consequently, I scrutinized Muscletech Test HD to learn if its formula affects testosterone levels.

The Ingredients: What Research Shows

To live up to advertised claims, Muscletech Test HD’s ingredients must be supported by research showing they boost testosterone in the doses used in Test HD.

PrimaVie Shilajit—100 mg
PrimaVie is a patented, purified shilajit form. Shilajit is resin-like substance found between rock layers in major mountain ranges. In a 2010 study, men taking 100 mg shilajit twice daily had a 23.5% increase in total testosterone.[1] Muscletech Test HD’s shilajit dose matches the study dose exactly.

Boron Citrate—100 mg
Boron supplements are used to boost sex hormones in men and women. In one study, a 3 g boron dose raised testosterone in older women. [2] In another study, an 11.6 mg boron dosage raised men’s free testosterone levels. [3] Muscletech Test HD uses boron citrate with a 5% boron concentration. Consequently, 2 Muscletech Test HD capsules provide 10 mg boron, just below the higher of these tested dosages.

Tribulus Terrestris Extract—250 mg
Tribulus terrestris is an Indian herb traditionally used to treat male sexual problems. [4] Healthy young men who took 10 or 20 mg tribulus terrestris extract per kg of body weight didn’t experience any raises in testosterone. [5] Those doses are the equivalent of 680 mg to 1.36 g for a 150 pound person. Since Muscletech Test HD’s tribulus terrestris content is lower than those doses, it’s not likely this ingredient affects testosterone levels.

Stinging Nettle Extract—50 mg
Stinging nettle extract is used to promote prostate health and male sexual health. Several compounds in stinging nettle root bind to sex hormone binding globulin, an effect which should keep testosterone “free” or bioavailable. [6] But, in a large 6-month study, stinging nettle extract failed to raise testosterone levels. [7]

How to Use Muscletech Test HD

Muscletech Test HD has several advantages over other testosterone boosters as far as usage. For example, it only takes 2 capsules a day to get the effects of this product. Many other testosterone boosters require 5 or more capsules per day to deliver enough active ingredients to boost testosterone.

Another advantage of Muscletech Test HD is this product doesn’t require cycling. The all-natural formula has been calculated to be safe for daily use. But, it’s still potent enough that you shouldn’t exceed 2 capsules in 24 hours.

I recommend taking Muscletech Test HD one capsule at a time, spacing your servings throughout the day. Following those directions spaces out the effects and gives you a steady testosterone increase. But, if you miss a dose, it’s probably okay to double up every once in a while as long as your previous dose was over 24 hours ago.

Where to Buy Muscletech Test HD

I’ve seen Muscletech Test HD for sale on several supplement websites, including,, and Prices range from a high of $90 to a low of $59. Unless you purchase the $59 bottle, Muscletech Test HD is one of the more expensive testosterone supplements available. But, it’s also one of the few supplements featuring shilajit as an active ingredient. If you’re looking to test shilajit, Muscletech Test HD is a good bet.

Is Muscletech Test HD a Strong T-Booster?

Muscletech Test HD contains both impressive and unimpressive ingredients for boosting testosterone. I think the strongest are shilajit and boron, but the other ingredients may exert a smaller effect on testosterone levels. Plus, I appreciate that Muscletech Test HD’s makers made sure they included clinically tested dosages of the formula’s best ingredients. Muscletech Test HD is worth looking into if you don’t mind paying a higher price for its unique formula.


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  1. by dave

    these studies are not what muscle tech proposes they are. Abstracts can be viewed here

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