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muscletech push10

MuschleTech Push10 is “a powerful pre-workout amplifier that delivers an immediate 10.5% increase in strength, increases muscle endurance by 21%, and significantly improves training performance, with zero stimulants, zero creatine, and zero banned substances.”

According to the manufactures, “Don’t settle for just one rep when you can Push10.”

Confident in the safety and formulation of Push10, MuscleTech promotes this pre-workout supplement as a cut above the rest. But is it as special as it seems?

Is MuscleTech a Reputable Company?

Owned by Iovate Health Sciences Inc., MuscleTech has been producing bodybuilding supplements since 1995 with the following motto: “To continuously research, develop, patent, produce and market the most effective diet and sports supplements in the world.”

A portion of all sales goes to funding scientific research, and many MuscleTech formulas and ingredients are patented. The list of credentials MuscleTech boasts is impressive.

Are the Ingredients Effective?

With MuscleTech’s emphasis on formulas, it was no surprise to find unique ingredients in Push10.


This patented blend features glycine, l-arginine salt, and alpha-ketoisocaproic acid calcium.

Gakic has been thoroughly tested for effectiveness. In one specific study, participants taking 11.2 g Gakic experienced decreased muscle fatigue and improved endurance and muscle torque.[1]

One scoop of MuscleTech Push10 contains 11.2 g Gakic.

Waxy Maize

Waxy maize acts as a starch to energize and replenish glycogen. After taking 1 g per kg waxy maize, participants experienced improved fat breakdown.[2]

The amount of waxy maize in MuscleTech Push10 (8.8 g) is low compared to doses in studies.


Carnoysn is a patented form of beta alanine. Muscle carnosine is created when Carnosyn bonds with other amino acids. Muscle fatigue and failure are prevented by muscle carnosine. In one clinical study, 800 mg Carnosyn given daily over 10 weeks exponentially increased muscle carnosine production.[3]

There is 3.2 g in each scoop of MuscleTech Push10, higher than most studies.

Possible Side Effects

None of the ingredients in MuscleTech Push10 are associated with serious side effects.

While many products must be used alone because of its ingredients, advertisements claim, “Push10 can also be virtually stacked with any other product in your supplement arsenal, making it the ultimate pre-workout formula.”

How to Take MuscleTech Push10

MuscleTech Push10 provides two set of directions to suit your needs

Mix 1 serving (half a scoop) with 8 ounces cold water 45 minutes before exercise for regular supplementation. This option is wise if you’ve never taken a pre-workout supplement before or if you’re sensitive to any of the ingredients.

For full effects, mix an entire scoop with 16 ounces cold water.

Where to Buy MuscleTech Push10

While it is sold officially through GNC and, MuscleTech Push10 is available from multiple retailers. I’ve included the best prices I was able to find online.

MuscleTech Push10 is available in fruit punch and watermelon flavors; however, the watermelon flavor is only available from GNC.

Online Users Weigh In

Users from shared their experiences MuscleTech Push10.

Matttrains4reals said, “Not only did this give me a ton of energy and a great pump without the stimulants, but it also tastes great and mixes very well which is very important. I found this supplement to be very effective and will definitely use it again.”

Simple added, “Using this I was able to push harder and with more force where I would normally not be able to pump out one more rep. It was a cool feeling. On top of that, it was nice to be able to walk out of the gym and not still feel like I had to go run miles to get rid of the stimulant feeling.”

Most complaints pinpointed MuscleTech Push10’s taste.

“The taste is horrible, disgusting, even mixed with strawberry protein and amino acids mango fragrance, taste push10 remains very strong and it is very hard to swallow,” said semir1981.

“Disgusting ‘cough-syrup’ taste even with 20oz of water per 1 scoop,” continued DaveRepola.

Should You Try MuscleTech Push10

MuscleTech Push10 has effective ingredients and lives up to scientific standards. While it’s definitely a safe product to use, it will not likely have the same extreme effect stimulants offer. You’ll have to make a choice between the safety of Push10 and more immediate results other stimulant products offer.

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