MetaLash is a popular eyelash enhancer, promised to increase lash strength and length. To determine whether the product was a hit or a dud, I took a closer look at its claims, ingredients, and price.

the Ingredients

Sympeptide 226

Sympeptide 226 is an award-winning lash ingredient that has been gaining traction in the cosmetic world in the past few years.

It’s so effective because it naturally increases keratin production. This is important because keratin is the main structural component of hair. Therefore, boosting keratin creation boosts hair growth. [1]

Not only does hair grow faster, more keratin means that new growth will also be thicker and fuller. Jan Marini Skin Research Inc. reported subject experiencing up to 61% increased lash thickness and length. [2]

KGF (rh-Polypeptide-3)

KGF stand for keratinocyte growth factor. As you could probably guess from the name, this ingredient stimulates keratine, much like sympeptide 226. Studies show KGF also improves lash growth rate, thickness, and strength. [3]


Panthenol is a moisturizing agent most commonly used in hair products and lotions to prevent dryness and protect outer layers of skin and hair. [4]

The Reviews

There is only one review on the product’s Amazon page, by a customer named, “Swimma.”

They said, “I have been using Metalash for just over one month. Odered from the products website, cheaper the more you buy so I purchased 2 bottles. I am mostly noticing more lengthy eyelashes on my outer eyelashes. As well, I am seeing stubble eyelashes coming in all around my longer eyelashes. No color differences. I hope to see my eyelashes continue to grow longer and fuller. I really notice the growth with mascara and no eyeliner on my top lid; a large difference compared to just over a month ago.”

The Amazon store that sells MetaLash also enjoys a nearly perfect rating from more than 2,000 customers, which is very promising.

The Price

I think MetaLash is available for a good price. The best place to buy is from the official manufacturer site. You don’t have to worry about a middle man, and you get the unbeatable 90-day money-back guarantee with free shipping:

• 1 Tube: 69.95
• 2 Tubes: 119.95 with free shipping
• 3 Tubes: 159.95 with free shipping

The Verdict

MetaLash seems like a great product to me. The price is good, and the ingredients are clinically proven. If all else fails, you can simply return it for your money back. I highly recommend MetaLash.

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