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Green coffee bean is a potent fat burner, and Mega-T Sculpt features it as a key ingredient.

But, it’s not a powerful formula Mega-T Sculpt boasts: a complete two-week diet and exercise plan is also included to optimize Mega T-Sculpt’s effects.

With so much included, it sounds like there’s a lot going for Mega-T Sculpt. Yet will you see results?

The Power of Green Coffee Bean

The most unique aspect of Mega T Sculpt is the inclusion and prominence of green coffee bean extract.

Green coffee bean extract is derived from unroasted coffee beans. Similar in benefits to regular coffee, green coffee differs by retaining chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid reduces blood sugar levels and increases body heat for a thermogenic effect. It may also inhibit fat cells from multiplying.[1]

According to a clinical study, the chlorogenic acid found in green coffee helped study participants lose body weight and body fat.[2]

However, participants were given 700 or 1,050 mg ground green coffee beans. The amount in Mega-T Sculpt is much lower and may not produce the same results.

A Look at the Ingredients

Green coffee bean extract is part of a 315 mg proprietary blend. Here are some of the other ingredients Mega-T Sculpt ingredients:

Caffeine is a popular stimulant that burns carbs and fat while increasing energy. A clinical study showed obese women taking 4 mg/kg caffeine lost weight.

However, studies also show users become desensitized to caffeine with constant use. So, Mega-T Sculpt likely loses its effectiveness with time.[3]

Chromium is an essential mineral that regulates glucose metabolism and insulin. When study participants took 400 micrograms chromium, they experienced a small amount of weight loss. However, the amount in Mega-T Sculpt doesn’t seem large enough to produce similar results.[4]

Grape Seed needs more human testing, but animal studies look promising. Researchers found grape seed extract reduces appetite and has some anti-oxidative effect.[5]

Utilizing the Diet and Fitness Plan

Mega-T Sculpt is refreshing for providing an in-depth diet and exercise plan along with a diet pill. While you can implement your own ideas, the plans provided are convenient and meant to work hand in hand with Mega-T Sculpt.

However, it’s unlikely you’ll see results with Mega-T Sculpt if you use it alone without some sort of weight loss plan in place.

You can repeat the two-week diet plan indefinitely or mix and match meals to your liking; each daily menu equals approximately 1,200 calories.

The exercise plan provides 10 detailed warm-up and flexibility exercise and 10 toning exercises.

All are available with instructions and pictures in a print out.

How to Use Mega-T Sculpt

To use Mega-T Sculpt, take 1 capsule 20 minutes prior to a meal 2 to 3 times daily.

Always take with a full 8-ounce glass of water.

Where Can You Buy Mega-T Sculpt?

Mega-T Sculpt is in stores nationwide and available online, including sites such as and The manufactures at offer a full money-back guarantee.

It is sold in bottles of 45 capsules for $19.99 as well as 15 capsule packets for $6.

What Do Customers Say About Mega-T Sculpt?

Users on shared their experiences with Mega-T Sculpt:

Mu yo said Mega-T Sculpt “doesn’t work at all,” but didn’t list any other explanation.

User K. Sullivan said, “This product is sometimes hard to find in stores. It works well, without being too harsh or giving you that “crawly or jittery” feeling. Appetite is suppressed; energy elevated to a high enough level for me.”

A Final Thought

While green coffee bean extract is a unique ingredient to include, I’m not completely confident in Mega-T Sculpt’s formula. Many of the ingredients lack scientific backing and are underdosed. It seems unlikely Mega-T Sculpt provides phenomenal results.

However, for an affordable price, Mega-T Sculpt may be worth a chance if you’ve tried a lot of different things and want to go with something new.

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