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maxis 10

According to its official website, Maxis 10 is a male enhancement supplement formulated to relax penile arteries for enhanced blood flow and better erections. What’s more, the manufacturer says you’ll experience “More Powerful, Intense Orgasms” and “Increased Sexual Drive & Desire.”

Let’s find out what if (anything) separates Maxis 10 from other male enhancement supplements.

What’s Inside Maxis 10?

Maxis 10’s formula combines traditional aphrodisiac compounds from Southeast Asia, Europe and South America. Consequently, there is an extensive ingredient list.

Here are a few highlights:

Maca Root. Maca root is a popular ingredient which increases libido and sexual performance.

Subjects in a study were given 1.5 or 3 g/d maca. In addition to the maca being well tolerated, the group receiving 3 g/d reported a significant improvement in libido.[1]

Asia Red Ginseng (Korean). In one study, researchers examined 45 patients with clinical erectile dysfunction given 900 mg/d Korean ginseng.

Researchers concluded Korean ginseng is an effective alternative treatment for male erectile dysfunction.[2]

L-Arginine. Arginine is a common male enhancement ingredient for its ability to increases nitric oxide production.

One study examined the effects from subjects taking 5 g/d arginine or a placebo for 6 weeks. Men in the arginine group experienced better sexual performance compared to the placebo group.[3]

Pine Bark Extract. Pine bark enhances arginine’s effectiveness by increasing nitric oxide production. Additionally, pine bark improves blood vessel function and supports the cardiovascular system.

To maximize pine bark for better nitric oxide production, experts recommend 50-100 mg/d.[4]

Tribulus Terrestris. Tribulus terrestris increases luteinizing hormone production in the pituitary gland, which ncreases testosterone production.

However, tribulus research is mixed. A study published in the Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapeutics concluded tribulus terrestris is validated for traditional use in the management of sexual dysfunction in males.[5]

Another study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research examined the effects on subjects receiving 450 mg/d terrestris extract or placebo consumed once daily for 5 weeks.

Researchers reported strength and fat free mass significantly increased in both groups without any differences. [6]
Consequently, more research is needed to determine if trbulus is truly effective.

Tongkat Ali. Tongkat ali purportedly increases free testosterone release, balances hormones, and improves physical function.

Research shows 200 mg/d tongkat ali is effective for increasing libido and balancing hormones.[7]

Zinc. Zinc is an essential mineral shown in a study to increase serum testosterone levels.

A study published in the journal Nutrition revealed men supplementing with 30 mg/d zinc for 6 months increased testosterone levels.[8]

What Do You Need To Know About the Guarantee?

The manufacturer provides a 100% risk-free guarantee when you purchase two bottles and try Maxis 10 for 10-60 days. Any empty bottles must be returned within 67 days from the time it’s delivered.

However, shipping charges are not refunded, and refunds are limited to one order per customer.

What Others Say About Maxis 10

The reviews are mixed concerning Maxis 10.

Reviewer Gerald Jeffers on says, “With so many positive reviews it can be difficult not to recommend this product, however there are no clinical tests to support any of the claims made by the manufacturers, so this product cannot be officially recommended.”

A review from Men’s Health Source is a lot more positive: “Maxis10 is very competitive and can be cheaper than the expensive ones but the potency of the supplements is same as the others.”

A third review from Consumer Health Digest states even though Maxis 10 is not unique, “There are many satisfied customers who claim that this product is really effective. However, it doesn’t work in all cases of erectile dysfunction.”

How Much Does Maxis 10 Cost?

The official website offers a one month supply for $49.95. Additionally, there are options to save by purchasing in bulk.

A 2 month supply is $99.90 and includes a free third month and free shipping.

Should You Buy Maxis 10?

Maxis 10 provides ingredients shown to boost testosterone, and some user reviews report positive experiences. However, Maxis 10 doesn’t provide specific ingredient information, and it’s impossible tell whether the ingredients have efficacious amounts.

If you don’t mind paying for the shipping charges, I recommend trying Maxis 10 because there is a money-back guarantee.

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