Naturally, everyone wants the anti-aging secrets from Hollywood, and Levela Skincare is supposedly “becoming a big player in giving the common person the ability to look and feel younger.”

Levela touts a long list of active ingredients as the key to making skin look younger. These ingredients reportedly increase collagen production, improve skin elasticity, help skin retain moisture, and reduce wrinkles.

But the truth about Levela is more than skin deep. Let’s take a closer look at this anti-aging skin cream.

What’s in Levela?

Levela manufacturers say Levela contains many more active ingredients than most skin creams. Here are the properties of a few key Levela ingredients:

Alpha-Lipoic Acid. When given to women for 12 weeks in a cream, alpha-lipoic acid decreased skin roughness by 50%. It was concluded alpha-lipoic acid improves characteristics of skin photo-aging. [1]

Caffeine. Researchers at the University of Washington found caffeine caused damaged skin cells to self-destruct without negatively affecting healthy cells. So, caffeine may protect against sun damage and could even prevent skin cancer, but research is still in preliminary stages. [2]

Vitamin E. With vitamin C, vitamin E protected skin against sun damage in a study. It might protect skin from the damaging skin-aging effects of ultraviolet light. [3]

Coenzyme Q10. In one study, coenzyme Q10 was found to protect against cell death and shield skin against oxidative stress. These properties prevent skin aging, including wrinkles. [4]

DMAE. After measuring the effects of DMAE on a group of volunteers, scientists determined DMAE improved skin firmness. This could be useful in reducing loose skin and wrinkles. [5]

Do People Like Levela?

Naturally, the Levela website includes many glowing reviews from customers about the product. But, because they’re included on the official Levela website, this feedback is hard to trust.

A few customers commented about Levela on other sites, but not enough to give us a good idea of Levela’s reception.

Nancy L. Schrader said on Amazon.com, “The lines around my mouth and chin were much less prominent and I felt I looked a lot younger than 64.” Lesli reported on ScamOff.com, “I USE THIS PRODUCT MORE THAN A MONTHS, AND NOTHING CHANGE IN MY FACE, MY SKIN LOOKS VERY DRY.”

How Do You Use Levela?

Manufacturers recommend applying Levela twice a day. While the website says you will start to see results immediately, I assume, as with other wrinkle creams, it might take several weeks to see significant skin improvement.

Side effects are unlikely, but Levela manufacturers assure if you experience side effects, you can return the product for a refund.

How Do You Buy Levela?

From the official website, you can order a free trial of Levela. However, purchasing this free trial enrolls you in a monthly auto-ship program. Each month, you will be charged for a new month’s supply of Levela, and the website doesn’t reveal how much it costs per month. Presumably, you can cancel the auto-ship any time. Several customers on ScamOff.com were unhappy with the product and ordering process.

You can also order Levela at Amazon.com for $49.95.

How Does Levela Compare to Other Wrinkle Creams?

Levela has its pros and cons. I like that Levela includes many different proven ingredients, where other wrinkle creams often don’t have as many active ingredients. However, there isn’t enough feedback from customers on Levela to say whether it works well. And, the purchasing process is difficult.

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