GenXLabs LeanX4

GenXLabs created LeanX4 for people who like stimulant-free diet pills.

Instead of caffeine, LeanX4’s formula relies on lipotropic compounds, essential nutrients, and other natural chemicals to boost metabolism.

GenXLabs also claims LeanX4 encourages calorie burning to fight the effects of age-related weight gain.

GenXLabs LeanX4 caught my attention because I get the jitters from caffeine diet pills. Even so, I looked into LeanX4’s complete formula to ensure this stimulant-free diet pill effectively reduces weight.

Examining GenXLabs LeanX4’s Ingredients

LeanX4 contains a 4-ingredient lipotropic blend and 5 additional ingredients. I looked for weight loss research to support each one.

Lipotropic Blend
Each LeanX4 capsule contains 675 mg of this lipotropic blend.

Lipase is a digestive enzyme that breaks down fats so they’re absorbed better in the intestinal tract. When taken with high fat meals, lipase supplements reduce bloating, gas, and feelings of being too full. [1] Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any research linking lipase to weight loss. And, lipase therapy caused weight gain for people with celiac disease.

Choline Bitartrate
Choline participates in fat cell metabolism and movement. [2] Not getting enough choline in the diet sometimes causes fat to accumulate in the liver. Consequently, supplementing with choline likely prevents liver tissue from becoming fatty. [3] But, scientists haven’t proven choline promotes fat loss.

This vitamin-like chemical regulates hormones and cholesterol levels. [4] In one study, women with an irregular hormone condition called PCOS lost weight while taking 4 g inositol. [5] But, GenXLabs LeanX4 contains much less than 4 g inositol per serving, and this effect may only occur in women with PCOS.

L-methionine is an amino acid. Methionine’s main uses include protecting against liver damage caused by aspirin poisoning and treating mental disorders. [6] Consequently, I’m not sure why GenXLabs included this ingredient in LeanX4.

Other Ingredients

GenXLabs LeanX4’s other ingredients include potassium and vitamin C, which contribute to proper nutrition and 3 other less common chemicals. Potassium and vitamin C don’t directly promote weight loss, so I only examined the 3 additional ingredients.

Raspberry Ketone
Raspberry ketone is a synephrine-like plant chemical. Animal research suggests raspberry ketone improves fat metabolism to prevent weight gain. [7] However, human trials verifying this effect haven’t been performed yet.

7-Keto DHEA
7-keto DHEA comes from the hormone DHEA. [8] In one study, overweight adults taking 200 mg 7-keto DHEA for 8 weeks lost about 6 pounds. [9] But, GenXLabs LeanX4 has only 25 mg 7-keto DHEA per serving, which probably isn’t as effective as the studied dose.

T2 Thyroid
This ingredient is a thyroid hormone. Rats given T2 produced more growth hormone and T3 thyroid hormone. [10] These hormones affect metabolism fat accumulation. But, I couldn’t find any studies showing T2’s effects in humans.

What It Costs

GenXLabs sells LeanX4 through various supplement retailers and websites. LeanX4 usually costs about $30 a bottle. That’s about average for a monthly supply of a diet pill.

I like that buying GenXLabs LeanX4 won’t break my bank account. But, I’m not sure the low price indicates quality ingredients, especially considering the lack of research behind LeanX4’s main ingredients.

How to Use It

The recommended daily LeanX4 dose is 2 capsules a day. But, you can safely take up to 6 LeanX4 capsules in 24 hours.

If you buy GenXLabs LeanX4, I recommend starting with the 2 capsule dose and assessing your tolerance. If you don’t notice any weight loss after a week or so, increase your daily dose by a capsule or two and see if it makes a difference.

And, as with any diet pill, you’re more likely to get results with GenXLabs LeanX4 if you exercise regularly and eat a balanced diet.

Because GenXLabs LeanX4 contains hormones and enzymes, I suggest checking with your doctor before you use it if you are on medications or have other health issues. Although these ingredients are natural, they sometimes have unintended interactions with prescriptions or health problems.

The Bottom Line on GenXLabs LeanX4

I’m not impressed with the ingredients in GenXLabs LeanX4 because I like diet pill ingredients to have stronger supporting research.

Still, GenXLabs LeanX4 is an inexpensive, stimulant-free diet pill option. This diet pill might promote weight loss in some people.

Be sure to leave a comment below if you’ve tried LeanX4.


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