GenXLabs Lean Cream

GenXLabs Lean Cream

Lean Cream is part of a trio of so-called revolutionary, fat-fighting supplements: the Lean Team.

GenXLabs produces Lean Cream, in addition to LeanX4 and Lean 650, and states it has the power to spot-treat fat and cellulite. It also purportedly raises intracellular fat metabolism, improves circulation, stimulates blood flow, detoxifies, and reduces water retention.

Let’s compare ingredient research to see if the claims measure up.

What’s Inside Lean Cream?

Lean Cream consists of aminophylline 3% and other moisturizers and oils.

Aminophylline. Aminophylline is currently under a complex debate. Some authors of scientific journals have stated it is an effective cellulite treatment, while others of equally credible journals have stated it is not. It has been suggested research noting a positive correlation between fat-loss and aminophylline is biased, and had financial motives.

Therefore, it is best to keep an open mind and pay attention to the opposing studies finding aminophylline ineffective. Aminophylline makes a temporary difference to skin’s firmness by eliminating excess water but does not permanently erase cellulite. [1]

Propylene Glycol. Propylene glycol is a humectant used to absorb water and retain moisture in a product. [2]

Glyceryl Stearate. Glyceryl stearate is an emulsifier used to increase hydration and moisture absorption in skin. [3]

Glycerin. Glycerin is a humectant. One study found skin hydration significantly improved when 20% glycerin cream was used regularly. [4]

Safflower Oil. Studies have been conducted on ingestion of safflower oil. Results indicated reduced levels of trunk and thigh adipose tissue in diabetic, postmenopausal women. Research on topical use is necessary to know if the same results are expected. [5]

Dimethicone. Dimethicone is an emollient used to treat skin conditions. It is a thick paste that locks moisture into the top layers of skin. Dimethicone use results in significantly more hydrated skin. [6]

Witch Hazel Extract. Witch Hazel Extract is an astringent. It tightens skin and reduces irritation. It is a natural anti-bacterial and contains healing properties. [7]

Mint. Several oils, including mint, proved to be an effective vehicle for aminophylline to better absorb. [8]

Yerba Mate. A combination that included yerba mate slowed gastric emptying and delayed time taken to perceive fullness. Subjects of a study lost weight and kept weight off even after stopping use. Research is needed to document the results of using yerba mate topically. [9]

How Much Does Lean Cream Cost?

Lean Cream regularly retails on third party sites, such as, for about $30. offers Lean Cream for the lowest price: $26.95.

What Are the Directions?

GenXLabs promises visible changes in 6-12 days if you follow these recommendations:

• Test Lean Cream on a small amount of skin and wait, to determine if there are any allergic reactions

• Consider applying Lean Cream only every other day for the first week to avoid irritation

• Apply regularly, once in the morning and once in the afternoon, after the first week

Results should include the appearance of skin tightening and reduction of cellulite.

What Are People Saying About Lean Cream?

Lean cream is still new, so more comments from customers are needed to derive an accurate account of its results.

Several websites selling Lean Team products display the same comment from a Michelle L. On; she says she has success using all three Lean Team products, and they help her keep excess water weight off.

Comments like this make it difficult to tell if the product really works, because we don’t know if she refers specifically to Lean Cream. It is also hard to know if she is a credible customer without a bias towards the company.

A few other reviews can be found online regarding GenXLabs. lists a comment stating a subdivision of GenXLabs, Iwin Labs, ran a scam to collect money from a free trial and didn’t refund money. The customer said she was told it would be refunded and then never received another response or refund.

On, Brian101b explains how he tried to contact GenXLabs about a misprint on a product label, for Stakabol. He sent an email explaining the difference between the ingredient they listed and what it allegedly should have been, and he received no response.

The negative reviews are valuable because they give us insight on the customer service and responsibility of the company. More customer reviews are needed, however, to ascertain an accurate view of the company.


Lean Cream contains several ingredients that lessen the appearance of cellulite by reducing the amount of water in the skin.

However, it will not permanently reduce localized fat deposits. The active ingredient, aminophylline, is not effective, but other moisturizers and oils do the job.

Lean Cream is not expensive compared to some products available, but when comparing the effective ingredients that are effective in Lean Cream to other moisturizers available with the same ingredients, the price a little inflated.

Unless you only seek a moisturizer that helps with water weight, I suggest waiting to see if any positive reviews for Lean Cream surface.


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  1. by Yusuke

    This stuff actually seems to do what it clmais which is not surprising as there is some pretty good science backing up the use of aminophyline as a topical slimming agent. The results are not overnight but being consistent with BID application, within a few weeks, the subcutaneous fat deposits on my abs and love handles are visibly reduced.The cream does contain capsaicin so it gets warm where you apply it and you need to be careful to wash your hands thoroughly to avoid getting it in your eyes or other sensitive areas.

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