BSN’s Evotest is a natural testosterone support supplement “designed to fit seamlessly into any man’s healthy diet and exercise regimen.”

It uses ingredients like magnesium oxide and d-aspartic acid to improve exercise performance and build muscle mass.

I’m curious if Evotest is likely to work, if customers like it, and if it’s worthwhile to try.

What Is the Price?

BSN sells Evotest for $49.99. Shipping is generally $7.95 or free in the continental US for orders over $99. Returns are accepted for 30 days after purchase if you have your order number and the product is 25% or less used.

BodyBuilding.com also sells Evotest for $29.77, and GNC.com sells Evotest for $37.99.

What’s Inside Evotest?

The amounts of the first 2 ingredients are listed on Evotest’s label; however, the last 5 ingredients listed here are part of the EVOTEST X-SHOCK Composite Proprietary Blend, totaling 2.5 g.

Vitamin D. Vitamin D supplementation influences low testosterone. One study used 3,332 IU vitamin D, which resulted in elevated testosterone levels.[1]

Another analysis concluded vitamin D only impacts males with low vitamin D levels, which directly influences testosterone, but does not influence healthy vitamin D levels. [2]

Evotest contains 400 IU vitamin D, or 100% of the recommended daily amount, and may treat any vitamin D deficiencies.

Magnesium Oxide. Magnesium, at 10 mg daily, influenced sedentary and active subjects’ testosterone levels. [3]

Magnesium oxide may have similar results on testosterone but requires more testing. [4]

N-Acetyl L-Cysteine. Supplementing with N-acetyl-l-cysteine improves cell health, particularly in male germ cells where programmed cell death is greatly under hormonal control. Its antioxidant effects may be a treatment for men with low sperm count. [5]

Furthermore, a study found 600 mg n-acetyl –cysteine improves sperm quality by boosting testosterone. [6]

The amount found in Evotest’s 2.5 g proprietary blend is likely comparable to the 600 mg amount used in the study.

D-Aspartic Acid. In humans, d-aspartate regulates testosterone release. [7] In a search for male infertility treatments, 3.12 g has been found to significantly improve LH and testosterone synthesis. [8]

It is not likely Evotest contains the 3.12 g d-aspartic acid; however, it may contain enough to boost testosterone regulation and synthesis.

What Are the Directions?

BSN recommends 1 scoop Evotest be mixed with 6 oz. water twice daily.

Use for 2-3 weeks, then discontinue for at least 2 weeks before using again.

This product can be stacked with other BSN products, such as Nitrix 2.0, Cellmass 2.0 and N.O.-Xplode 2.0.

BSN recommends not using if:

• You are a woman

• You are a male under 18 or over 50

• You have pre-existing medical conditions or take medications

• You have a scheduled surgery within 2 weeks

What Flavors Are Available?

Evotest comes in 2 flavors: black cherry and orange.

BodyBuilding.com rated the two flavors: black cherry scored an average 7.1 for taste and orange scored an average 7.9.

This isn’t a great recommendation for flavor and taste, but it sounds tolerable.

Is Evotest Popular?

Evotest has some interesting mixed reviews: most customers say it worked great for them, but some can’t get past the taste. Others don’t mention the taste or even say they like it. Here are 3 reviews from real customers:

“here is the thing I love BSN products!!! They work great and they have some of the best tasting stuff around!!! I was stoked to hear about this product and ordered it as soon as I could. But I have to say this is some of the WORST tasting stuff I have ever had in my life! I could not stomach it!!! I tried my best for the first week to get it down and then finally decided that my quality of life is not worth any supplement. Love BSN but HATE the taste of EvoTest!!!” – pastorsteveb, GNC.com

“…This isshh make you wanna pick up something heavy!!! Hulk smash! First dose today.” – Idrisg, FitFlex.com

“… Hey Guys, I’ve been using the Black Cherry for a few weeks now and already am feeling some positive effects. I am almost finished the recommended 3 week cycle and will take 2 week break afterwards then run it again. In this time my strength is up on all lifts, mostly on my pressing movements. I have also been recovering quicker and the scale puts me at 4lbs heavier but I think it’s more as I am a bit leaner. Overall I am impressed and looking forward to running it again.” – Drake – age 57, FitFlex.com

Do You Recommend Evotest?

Evotest is comprised of quality ingredients, but some like magnesium oxide need more research. The product price is competitive but nothing outstanding. However, it may be worthwhile if the product is effective, which is indicated by the positive customer reviews. It may likely work for you, so I recommend giving it a try.

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