Ab Cuts Sleek and Lean Thermo Rise O2

Ab Cuts Sleek and Lean Thermo Rise O2

Ab Cuts Sleek and Lean Thermo Rise O2 is the newest supplement in the Ab Cuts line. The ingredients are geared toward muscle growth and weight loss.

Many customers have already submitted their perspectives on how Thermo Rise O2 works for them. For example, Sandra at GNC.com thinks it is “fantastic” and feels “100% better using it.”

While positive feedback is definitely a great start, let’s take a look at the active ingredients in Thermo Rise O2 to see if they contribute to a maximum effective formula.

What Consumers Say

There are only a few reviews available, but the majority of them are positive. Here are a few examples of what consumers have to say:

“I absolutely love this product. I take it about 30 minutes before my workout. I get extreme energy during my workout and it makes me want to work harder. It makes me sweat like crazy during the workout, which is great because it’s really helping me burn fat and calories. Love Love Love this product!” –Alemelin7, GNC.com

“I got a couple samples from GNC to try after buying Raspberry Ketones and Green Coffee Bean extract. I wanted something to burn my stubborn belly fat, give me, energy, but be safe and all natural. I am sure glad the guy at GNC gave me these samples because I went straight to the GNC after to buy a bottle. The Ab Cuts Thermo Rise gave me everything I wanted in one bottle!” –Staci1234, GNC.com

Active Ingredients in Thermo Rise O2

Thermo Rise contains 6 active ingredients.

CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid)

This essential fatty acid strips body fat while packing on lean body mass. In one study, participants who supplemented with 1.7 g CLA per day lost weight after 12 weeks. [1]

There is 850 mg CLA in Thermo Rise O2, half the effective dose.


This stimulant is thermogenic, which means it burns fat. Studies show doses as low as 100 mg effectively burn fat. Higher doses burn more fat. [2]

Thermo Rise O2 contains 150 mg caffeine, which should have a lower, but still significant, effect on weight loss.

Green Coffee Bean

Raw coffee beans contain antioxidants, which promote weight loss. One study showed doses as low as 700 mg stimulated weight loss. A higher dose (1050 mg) caused up to 10 pounds of weight loss, while the lower dose caused less weight loss. [3]

With a 150-mg dose, Thermo Rise O2 is likely to cause weight loss on the lower end of the spectrum.

Raspberry Ketone

Studies of raspberry ketone have been restricted to animal tests. In these tests, scientists found rats given raspberry ketone were spared weight gain when consuming a high-fat diet. No peer reviewed human studies have been performed, so there is no established dose to compare with Thermo Rise O2’s 70 mg raspberry ketone. [4]

Coleus Forskohlii

Two studies showed participants who took 250 mg coleus forskohlii each day for 12 weeks increased lean body mass. In one of the studies, men also decreased body fat. [5] In the other study, women did not lose body fat but did not gain fat mass. [6]

If coleus forskohlii is dose dependent, the 100 mg dose contained in Thermo Rise O2 should improve body composition. It probably works better with male users than female ones.


This fungus improves immunity. It stimulates immune cells to function more effectively. Dosage is determined by age, weight, and health status of individuals. [7]

Thermo Rise O2 contains 100 mg cordyceps, which may be effective for some people.

Should You Buy Thermo Rise O2?

Ab Cuts Sleek and Lean Thermo Rise O2 costs between $35 and $60, depending on the retailer you choose. The lowest price I could find was at eSupplements.com for $34.95. One tub contains 80 capsules, which lasts between 20 and 40 days depending on the dosage you use.

With nearly universal positive consumer reviews and clinically proven ingredients, it is likely Thermo Rise O2 is an effective product for many people. Of course, supplements react differently to different people, so it might not work for everyone. In addition, many of the ingredients are contained in smaller quantities than were studied in clinical trials.

Consequently, Thermo Rise O2 is likely to have at least a minimal weight-burning effect on most users.


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  1. by Cynthia

    Love this product. I used to get it from gnc, they told me they can no longer get it. I can’t find it online either.

    Why can’t I find it anywhere . It is an amazing product. I have been using it for over a year and lost 38 lbs. it gave me energy and I felt great. my doctor was amazed at how well blood test came back. I am 53 and in the best shape ever. please help me find Thermo Rise 02

    Thank you , Cynthia Cravey

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